Close Don’t Count

Well folks, let’s end this fine Monday with machinegun‘s fresh and swollen horseshoe tattoo, which I can only assume is for good luck. Or in tribute to a beloved horse. Or because she’s a fan of WASPy lawn games. All good options, really. Take care, sportsfans, and we’ll see you tomorrow.

(Tattoo by Jeremy Elledge at 3 Sevens in Grants Pass, Oregon.)

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21 thoughts on “Close Don’t Count

  1. they called it before i could get here
    definitely double phallic

    but also, does anyone think that background looks dull from being overworked?
    also, has the artist ever seena real horseshoe?
    they are balanced and have holes in them, not shallow impressions.

    sorry, im not trying to make the owner feel bad.
    but the artist may want to consider going back to flash for abit

  2. penis, agreed, but what is with that perspective? the part that is further away is bigger and shaped differently, and the rest looks almost as screwed up. artist needs a basic tutorial on drawing in three dimensions.

  3. PINTO!!!

    i rly thought it was a penis for a second? It doesn’t really look like a horseshoe to me sorry!

  4. If you relax your eyes, you can see a hidden sailboat. But when you go back, it’s still two penises. lol j/k I do like the stars emitting photons. That rocks.

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