The Word to the Action

Hey smiley! Peter checks in with a couple photos of his completed Japanese-style suit, from his neck down to his feet, that took him 20 years total to finish. My favorite part is that he didn’t even start till he was 37; he finally finished last year when he got his neck done. Check out a full-body picture, after the jump.

(Work by Rob Cartwright at Rob’s Tattoos in Brierley Hill, West Midlands, UK.)

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31 thoughts on “The Word to the Action

  1. Brilliant!
    I note that he has his nipples tatooed too, is that supposed to be bad or something?

  2. I appreciate it when people wait till they’re older to start modding- it lends a certain respectability to something that’s too often written off as something “those damn kids are doing nowadays.”

  3. This is really impressive. And like Briny Deep said, I really respect him for doing it as an older gentleman. He’s very handsome indeed.

  4. Wow an old guy has never looked so good lol!

    What a great look on someone who is a bit older than the rest, I would be so proud to have that at his age.

  5. 20 years?! Well, if I were him, I’d probably be nostalgic now that it’s done…

  6. It looks like his head is not attached to his body though! haha very buff indeed!!

  7. Hi folks thanks for all the kind things you say about me. Im very flattered. Yes I am nostalgic abou the fact that my suit is finished. I look back over the past 20 years, and think about all the pain I endured. I can say though:IT WAS WORTH EVERY MINUTE OF THE PAIN!

  8. Nice tattoos, but did anyone else notice that he’s a dead ringer for Larry Bird?

  9. When people ask you “What will that look like when you’re 50?” you can point to this gentleman and say “Fantastic, actually.”

  10. I don’t love the fact that he didn’t start till he was 37, ilove the fact that in this picture he’s 57 and just got tattooed and is siked on it

  11. I still think that steroids and tattoos look better on people with prettyer faces. however, well done.

  12. As another heavily tattooed (although not *quite* up to where he is) over-50 person who didn’t start till a later age than average (35 in my case), I have nothing but total admiration for this guy, both for stepping outside what people expect of us ‘older folks’ – and for having a bodyfull of absolutely gorgeous ink. My hat’s off to you!

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