Until the Very End of Me

Good morning, ModBloggers! Let’s start the day with the lovely darkgrrrl, who, in addition to plenty of fine work, is sporting an excellent horror movie-themed sleeve. Check out a few more shots after the jump.

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102 thoughts on “Until the Very End of Me

  1. Very cute, and the tattoo’s not bad lookin either.

    Love the horror sleeve part, especially the Jason mask! Hell yes.

  2. Boy, I wish all my work was that excellent. Good lookin’ tats.

    And that NIN shirt is cute as hell.

  3. Like the sleeve, love the NIN shirt, but I don’t get the brass knuckle thing. eh.

  4. I’m kind eh about the sleeve, but I love the chestpiece, and the girl! Fucking adorable. I love her quirked eyebrow expression.

  5. damn that looks like an awesome sleeve, such soft greys are hard to get right. i wish the artist was credited. some closeups would be nice.
    i also like her chest piece alot, i wish i could see more of it. i wonder if she made the choice to go B&G, cuz that looks so much better then blaring color on a woman’s chest IMO.
    i wonder if darkgrrl will go all (or mostly) B&G with all her tats. that could be nice.

    lastly, fuck spiral

  6. I love the way her arm looks like it’s folding the wrong way in the last pic because of how fat she is. Yuck.

  7. owwww! thanks a lot for everyone! everybody’s so sweet! and yes i’m a chubby girl and I don’t have shame about, sorry if that bothers you, it is not possible to please everyone! my tattoo artist is pepeu carfax, from rio de janeiro – Brazil and yes I just want to have tattoos bw only! love, paola.

  8. I think the most amazing thing about this is the tiny amount of red in the Jason mask. Very cool.

  9. Excellent shading. So often portrait tattoos end up looking really… dirty, due to overshading, but these are great.

    I agree the bit of red on Jason is a good touch too.

  10. let me just say THANK YOU MODBLOG for finally posting some pics of a real looking woman. i love your tattoos, the black and gray definitely suits you!

    to kiki, you should be ashamed of yourself for insulting another persons body, especially here. we are a community and to make comments like that completely defeats the purpose of having a forum for body modification. it’s about acceptance of an individual’s choice of how to look. the same as elective amputation or even just a tattoo, no matter what it is. as a collective, we need to support each other. if you don’t like what you see, keep your goddamn comments to yourself.

  11. oh so even though being overweight ultimately leads to actual health problems much like alcoholism or smoking, i’m supposed to support that? and what health problems to piercings, tattoos or elective amputations create?

    heart disease? cancer? diabetes? liver damage?

    get off your fuckin’ high horse, hippy.

  12. so kiki apparently is making shitty comments about others in order to help them realize that being overweight is damaging to their health. wow… you are sooo ignorant. i think you need some self esteem kiki, it’s really pathetic!

  13. ditto with Rach on this one. as a chubby gal I enjoy seeing our peeps represented. regardless of what every faction of the media will tell you, we can be attractive too, not too mention we tend to be a more gregarious and witty bunch. and to the close-minded pieces of shit like our dear friend Kiki, you can fuck the right off. not all fat kids are plagued with health problems or the need to funnel food down our gullets. some of us, believe it or not, were just born this way, and thanks to people like you we get to go our entire lives being told that we’re slovenly disgusting piles of human waste undeserving of love and respect simply because our hipbones don’t jut from our size 0 jeans. and I like that you neglected to mention, Kiki, the thousands of youths and adults alike affected by anorexia and bulimia who are hospitalized and even die every year trying to achieve the look that you so blatantly have decided as the model for what should be considered attractive. so yeah, one day I may come down with a health problem or two because of my weight, but you know what, at least I won’t have to have lived my life knowing full well that I was a judgmental, bile-filled, hungry little ingrate like you. now go eat a fucking cookie and get the fuck over yourself, because when your looks begin to fade, your gut starts to set in, and your tits start to sag, I will continue to be hefty, happy, and just as funny and fun to be around as I am now. and people like you will never be able to make me feel bad about that.

  14. Wow.Everything she just said.

    I’d like to see a photo of this Kiki.Let’s all say really mean things about her appearance.

  15. Lovely tattoos, lovely chick! HOT!

    Kiki,…wow….sad, sad shit you got going on.

  16. I lovee her tattoos. they look so perfect n softtt and perfecttt. And she’s definately cute.

    I am disgusted at some comments made man, you would think for a community of people who are already judged by appearance, that some of you would not be so close minded and dumb about a person’s BODY. What irony.

  17. ah, que lindas essas fotos! <3
    nossa, como teu cabelo cresceu rápido!
    espero que tudo esteja bem aí no jp. vê se aparece!


  18. queria entrar no iam pra ver tuas fotos (tu fechou pra members only, né) mas tô sem cupons nem fotos pra mandar. x;/

  19. Damn! Jack Nocholson’s face looks amazing!! Not to mention I loooove the movie
    A close up of the chestpiece would be nice, it looks pretty cool
    And NIN! Excellent choice for a photo to be posted here =D
    Fuck off Nikki, realize nobody will support such close minded comments in here, we’re al nice respectful people n_n

  20. She is adorable, and her work is great!
    and last time I checked smoking and alcoholism aren’t reserved for heavier people.
    All of the things you said in your comments were absolutely absurd, kikki.
    I’d sooner look like her any day, than have an ounce of your negativity.

  21. Seeing this post made my day. She is super cute, and though Modblog features plenty of super cute people regularly, this absolutely stands out. Yay for more chicks who are 1. Seriously modified 2. Looking happy, not like an object and 3. Not the usual body shape/size. Stellar stellar stellar. Thanks!

  22. finally a realistic looking woman on BME! nice!
    we always get plenty of chubby, realistic looking GUYS. but it seems like most of the women tend to be models.

  23. i love her chestpiece! and she’s such a cutie.

    i also love everyone who supported her even though kiki threw some insults, but don’t stoop to the agitator’s level by throwing insults yourself. let’s keep the zen people.

  24. Gorgeous girl, and gorgeous tattoos. I hate the way people make a fuss when people of certain sizes are posted, though. >_<

    It’s funny how Kiki is speaking as though being thin means you will have a prolonged life or something. And darkgrrrl is hardly obese. She has a lovely curvy figure (and a cute face to go with it) but so what if she was obese? At least she is not a sad, bitter individual who needs to flame people for having a little bit of junk in their trunk ;)

  25. modblog has turned to crap… i second kiki… this is icky.

    overweight people shouldn’t be celebrated… being fat doesn’t make you anymore “real”.
    this is coming from someone who has spent years studying medical science.

    oh, and if you want to criticize me, my pictures are in the link.

  26. no no no

    the goal isn’t criticism. basically what i was saying is that bme is absolutely NOT the place to judge another person’s appearance. seriously. i know that when i joined, i did it to be in a place where i could meet other people into body modification. if someone were to tell me that because im overweight im not good enough to be respected in this community for my body modifications… well then there was no point coming here in the first place. i can be judged elsewhere. and it hurts more when it happens here, you know?

    but not only that, bme and modblog should represent all facets of the world of body modification. and that includes people of all races, genders, AND bodytypes.



  28. first off, ennui, you might be pretty, but you’re a bitch.

    second, being ‘overweight’ does not cause alcoholism or smoking — what the hell planet are you from, kiki? yeah, there can be health complications from being heavier, like heart disease, but anemia and malnutrition can be complications of being thin, so whatthefuckever.

    how do we decide what’s overweight anyway? the “bmi” index that’s so popular is notoriously flawed. a lot of people who are “heavy” or “fat” are actually healthier than people who are thin.

    fact: some people are just heavy. period. not because of what they eat, not because they don’t exercise, but because that’s their body type and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. if those people suddenly lost 100 lbs and became thin, they would be unhealthy.

    do i disagree with the “real woman” comments? yes. because all women are real, period, and you can’t be more or less real than somebody else. but i have an extraordinary amount of respect for women who aren’t slaves to what modern society deems pretty. i mean, christ, isn’t that what we’re about here?

    and anyone who goes around insulting people based on their weight is, frankly, a bigot who judges people on appearance, and basically a shitty human being, so fuck you very much.

  29. #49- Do you feel that Modblog would be better if they posted pictures of you and your lame butterfly tramp stamp?

  30. Let’s not forget that fat people smell bad. All those rolls to wash between. If they’re too lazy to exercise and lose weight, then they’re likely to be too lazy to wash between their copious rolls.

  31. And since when did we start using terms like “chubby” when we really mean FAT. Or “thin” when we should say SKINNY. Fuck people, any end of the weight spectrum is unhealthy. Let’s just agree that being fat is unhealthy, I think we can all agree on that point.

  32. “Let’s not forget that fat people smell bad. All those rolls to wash between. If they’re too lazy to exercise and lose weight, then they’re likely to be too lazy to wash between their copious rolls.”

    My nanna has a medical condition requiring surgery she can’t afford,and has a direct result been overweight all her life.In fact,fat.

    You are fucking offensive.I cannot think of the words to express how narrow minded and judgemental you are.

    This girl is hardly at one end of the weight spectrum. I’d say she is squarely in the middle.

  33. Actually,after thinking about it,I’m calling troll on Kiki.Surely nobody could be that fucking horrible.

  34. If Modblog posted more pictures of curvier girls, maybe they wouldn’t get so many disgusting comments. People might realize that there are larger women involved in this community as well, and that everyone is welcome here. Just a thought.

  35. “Let’s not forget that fat people smell bad. All those rolls to wash between. If they’re too lazy to exercise and lose weight, then they’re likely to be too lazy to wash between their copious rolls.”


  36. She’s gorgeous, and comfortable in her own skin.

    People need to shut up unless they have something positive to say…

    I must have forgotten that half of you dense, idiots are still in high school or, of lesser education.

  37. to squirrelgirl… fyi… me and my “lame tramp stamp” have been on modblog like 4 or 5 times in case you haven’t noticed.

    alix, you have nothing pertinent to say… except basically, ‘overweight people are fine so shutthefuck up’ and to tell me that i’m a bitch… so next time, come with a real argument.

    yes, i do judge people from appearance… it works 99% of the time, believe it or not.

  38. Y’know what grosses me out? Any time I see an overweight person drinking a can of Coke or chowing down on any of the fast food in the foodcourt. Blurgh.

  39. 1) Is Kiki brendon or brendan or whoever the last troll was? Probably not, kiki spells better.

    2) Alix had a real argument, being, that there are different body types. Studying medical sciences for years must have surely given you had good background on metabolism and genetics?

    3) Everytime I think being tattooed gives people a better perspective on the whole mind/body/”what is physical beauty anyways” thing, I always get proved wrong so fast……..

  40. There are a lot of kneejerk reactions on here, so here’s mine: Fuck both of you.

    Kiki and EnnuiZero: where are you any time a fat dude is posted? That’s right, you sit on your hands, because this isnt about what’s attractive (which is subjective and therefore irrelevant) or what’s healthy (being fat doesnt mean you’re not healthy and being skinny doesn’t mean you are. Any doctor worth his or her weight can tell you that.), it’s about tearing down another woman, so save it.

  41. Oh, the guys are gross too, but that goes without saying. They’re usually hairy too. Gross gross gross.

  42. bla bla bla bullshit! oh kiki and your wannabe suicide girl grilfriend: you both are so boring!
    prejudge definition: to judge beforehand, prematurely, or without all the evidence.
    need more??

  43. the thing that makes me laugh is that all of the guys trying to act high and mighty would jump at the chance to fuck someone who looked like Ennui Zero. Denying that fact is futile. So stop acting like little Ghandis. Everyone is not created equal, some of us are better than others. people come in all shapes and sizes, but that doesn’t mean we’re equal. we’re born about the same, but through life some of us stuff our faces with processed junk and then expect everyone to tolerate their gluttony. fuck that.

  44. I really hope kiki is either this girl ‘http://images.google.co.uk/images?q=kiki%20kannibal&oe=utf-8&rls=org.mozilla:en-GB:official&client=firefox-a&um=1&ie=UTF-8&sa=N&hl=en&tab=wi’ or a follower of hers.

  45. Kiki, did you not see all of the comments left by people who find the lovely girl in the picture to be very erotic? I’ll paraphrase some of them:

    “Fucking adorable.”

    “god she is so fucking cute.”

    “GORGEOUS lady!”

    “omg, she’s a cutie!”

    “Paola, you’re a cutie.”

    “Man, she’s gorgeous.”

    While many of these people also probably find thin people attractive as well, does that negate their comments? I think not.

  46. Lol, Ennui Zero, your comment just shows how pea-sized your brain is. The fact that your pictures were 5 times on modblog hardly means anything, so were hundreds of other bland-looking, cliche,self-obsessed clones as you. It’s hardly “pretty” for me.
    But obviously it’s the biggest thing you’ve ever achieved, so keep being proud, “deviant art” star! Lol!

    Kiki do you think black people smell as well? That’s what scummy brainless losers like you say as well.

    Beauty and sexiness are much wider and deeper than fitting into narrow stereotypes which are imposed into your retarded brains, so shut up your little lame fascists and find some other place to post than modblog. Beauty comes in different forms, and that’s what this website should be about.

  47. Haha ennui has saggy titties..just sayin ..how does that saying go again don’t throw stones in glass houses..she may be bigger than you but ..I know she’s kinder she hasn’t even tried to fight with you about your insane comments ..she doesn’t need to …you will do it for her…

  48. its cos she can’t even speak english properly hahaha if i was a dude i’d fuck ennui zero, get real you all want a piece. not one of the people commenting has said they’d fuck that fat chick up there, it’s all ‘oh you’re so cute’ haha

  49. This is “mod”blog… why are people arguing about body types?
    I’d love to see a close-up of her arm.

  50. I’d like to see a close up and 360 view of the horror arm piece, I love it! The necklace is awesom.

  51. First of all, Paola’s one of my best friends ever. And one of the BEST people i’ve ever met.
    I can see a FEW ppl makin’ fuss about her weight and a LOTTA people supportin’ her. Is it really the book all about its cover?
    While you, specially girls, keep bullyin’ who’s overweight, why don’t you start complainin’ about the skinny looking deal? Girls in nowadays look like livin’ corpses, no curves, no shine, no life. It’s sick. It’s disgusting. And most of all, they ain’t happy.
    You can ask Paola, for example, if she’s happy. Yes, she is. She lives beyond this little-minded society that thinks “thin” means “hot”. And i can say that for myself aswell. Yes I’m overweight too and I’m pretty comfortable with the way I look. If you like it, thanks a lot. If you don’t, just don’t look, avoid. Avoidin’ is quiet at least. When the bitchin’ starts, that’s when it gets annoying.
    And let’s face something here: the huge majority can’t be wrong, right? So let’s keep those comments stated by KATE tell the truth.

    Much luv,

  52. “fucking cute” just infers a level of cuteness, not the desire to fuck said cuteness.

  53. yeah #62 and #72. i call troll.

    comments on posts like these are why modblog fucking sucks. well, and their reluctance to post a variety of women in the first place.

    i’m done.

  54. Wow! Gorgeous girl, gorgeous tattoos! Also, I’m heartened by the number of fat-positive comments :D. It’s great to see a spectrum of shapes and sizes celebrated – variety is the spice of life :D

  55. Wow. firstoff, Paola (our names are so close… tis awesome), I’m so happy to see you posted on here. As another non-stick figure, it’s great to see another girl with confidence. It makes me see that there are still some real people out there,
    Secondly, “fat” people aren’t the only ones with health risks. For all the people dissing on this beautiful girl, need I remind you of ANOREXIA? Say it with me. AN-OR-EX-I-A!
    Wowww. Let’s see all the health complications with… what’s this? BEING TOO THIN. (amenhorrea, hair loss, death from suicide or health complications). Oh my goodness, I guess it’s not just us “lard-butts” who have health problems. So why haven’t you mentioned that my thin-minded friends? The media is intent on destroying people, mostly females, by pushing maniquen-like figures on us. I just went over this in my abnormal psych class. We are being trained to think skinny. Those figures you see in store windows modeling those clothes were created that thin to show off the best features of the clothing, not to actually guide women to be that thin.
    Sure, obesity IS a health risk, but just because someone doesn’t fit in a size three outfit doesn’t mean they’re headed for health-hell. I myself take very long walks at least every week and eat healthy. Sure I’ve picked up the odd bar of chocolate, but who hasn’t. So before you go out and judge away on someone’s size, do some research.
    Also remember that there are bone structures that prevent some people from being toothpicks. My best friend cannot dip below a size 10 no matter how much weight she has lost. She has gone down to a very low body fat ratio but because of her large bone structure, she cannot get any thinner. I doubt this is her own fault. More like genetics. But hey, in your eyes, she’s just a lardo, right?
    My boyfriend loves me for who I am. He could easily have picked out a thinner girl. I know several who have wanted him, especially at the place we work. But he looked beyond the media’s ideals and chose his own. He told me flat out he doesn’t want a stick figure. He wants a real woman. Women were meant to have curves. Boobs…butts…
    That is all. Have any complaints? Do tell. Don’t pick on my spelling, it’s not always up to par either. Another human imperfection. You have them too sweetheart. ;)

  56. Oh, give me a break you bunch of self-rightous pricks.
    I’ve always been a thin girl. Even after having a baby I was a size 3/4 US.
    Does that mean I should be an ass to every “big” person out there? No.
    My frame of mind is this. If they’re happy with their size (or doing something about it, if they’re not), then who am I to comment?
    On a related note, I hate it when just because I’m thin heavy people are assholes to me. (It goes both ways)

  57. Hmm, Kiki, and you think the most glorious attention and approval to a woman is when someone wants to fuck her? That being desired and fucked is the highest priority of our lives? THAT freaks me out.

    Other thing that always amazes me in these kind of convertations, is the health-whining. Yes, being seriously obese is unhealthly, but it is not your reason for thinking overweight people are disgusting and ugly, no, it’s just the way you try to entitle your insults to them. We never hear those sermons from you when the subject isn’t something that doesn’t fit in your little, frivolous and self-centered world. When someone (beautiful, cute person) publishes a picture with cigarette in his/her hand, or a picture from night club where people are boozing, do we here that “oh that is SO unhealthy, yuck, how disgusting, ewww, boohoo”. No we don’t. So cut the hypocrisy, PLEASE, and stop pretending that you care about something else than the way they look.
    There is so much unhealthy things in this world, being a little obese isn’t the worst of them, and definitely doesn’t justify you to insult anyone.

    Thank you.

  58. let me start off by saying you are fucking gorgeous ^.^
    I love all your tattoo’s, you are really a stunner!

    @RACH- I agree with the diversity on MODBLOG but those “skinny girls” you see here are REAL women as well. you don’t have to be full figured to be a real women, we’re all just different.
    I a guy, but I am naturally VERY skinny, im about 5 feet 6 inches and like 115-120lbs…. thats just how I am, still a real man though just not all buff ^.^
    so all women are real women, curvy, straight, full figured or stick thin

  59. how does she even constitute as fat…… I really dont see it
    her face is beautiful, she has no loose skin
    her body looks great, beautiful shape
    I’m not seeing where “fat” comes into play here

  60. This is my first time posting on Modblog, and honestly… some people are just complaining about nothing. You guys need to go chill out, listen to some Grateful Dead or something.

    For the record, I’d TOTALLY fuck Darkgrrrl if given the chance… and I’m not just saying that because you guys said nobody did. I actually prefer bigger women over skinny women.

    She’s got such a nice shape to her, and it’s much better than any skinny woman I’ve ever seen, hell… I’d even prefer somebody with a bit MORE weight on them.

    Anybody who’s saying some people are better then other people, I have THIS to say to you:

    Yes, we’re not all created equal… but that doesn’t make some of us better than others! Everybody is unique, in their own way, and some people find skinny people attractive while others find fat people attractive.

    don’t even bother saying that whatever the majority chooses is the “right” way. It doesn’t matter how many belong in each group. life isn’t a game, you’re not trying to gain the most fans and win! This isn’t pinball, you’re not going for the high score!

    anyway, a lot of the comments posted here have really grinded my gears, and I just felt the need to post and say something. If you don’t agree, that’s fine. I’m not forcing you to agree. I just had to make my opinion heard.

  61. To Kiki: Dear small minded fucking excuse for a woman: why don’t you, first of all, give us a chance to look at how marvelous you are before opening your filthy mouth to say “HI”! Seriously, you are the sickest mother fucking girl I’ve ever came across with and let me tell you, your freak, that’s not a compliment you selfish cow. And by the way, I wouldn’t fuck Ennui Zero, not even if she came forcing her little cocaine addict look on me. She has the most empty look in her eyes, like her purpose in life is to take FAKE sexy pics so that guys with boners can say she’s pretty… So, hey, let’s just advertise that all we girls want is to be fucked, and I really don’t mind saying this, you ought to be raped to know what the fuck you are talking about, you tramp! Maybe the only way you both feel good about yourselves is when fucking so, quit whatever it is that you do and just go sell your empty little bodies and souls so some guys can really fuck you over and spit on you after, ’cause that’s how much you’re worthy… SHIT.
    So, please, pretty please, get a fucking hobby like joining the KKK or, become a fucking neo-nazi so we can have an excuse to beat the crap out of you… I’d love nothing more… Unfortunately they haven’t legalized beating up small minded whores so, when they do you’ll be the first to know… or feel if I can find you til’ there…
    Paola, you are beautiful, inside out, don’t mind those little whores, they can’t find people to fuck them so they try to fuck people over to feel better about their empty, shallow lives…
    Fucking awesome tats and attitude! Have a great life!

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