To The Left

I have to say, I like the asymmetrical approach this young lady’s taken with her facial piercings (done by Efix at D-Markation in Quebec City, Quebec). The standalone lip ring is common enough, but because of her cheek piercings, this is a little more unexpected somehow. (Pleasantly, though.) Plus, the jewelry is subtle enough that the asymmetry doesn’t seem quite so jarring. Another shot, after the jump.

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29 thoughts on “To The Left

  1. it looks more like they were randomly chosen without thinking beforehand,
    but that’s just me, and i’m a stickler for balance.

  2. Beautiful!
    The piercings accent her face and gorgeous eyes perfectly. I wish I could pull that off!

  3. @ Lares:
    they look the same as my scars from my eyebrow piercings, that’d be my guess.

    She’s so pretty, I actually like the asymmetry for some reason.

  4. Haha, wow! Even the eyebrow rejection scars are on the same side. I think I see a hidden septum! Shes way pretty, but like other people said the asymmetry is killing me as well.

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