The Petal Falls

By now, we’ve been made well aware of Sean Karn’s talents, but it seems like Fuzion Ink in Norfolk, Virginia, is just chock full of assassins. The apple you see up top was done by Tanane Whitfield, and for a fancy lady’s shoe with a similar color scheme, take a peek after the jump.

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17 thoughts on “The Petal Falls

  1. I agree, that looks like a peach to me! The hook threw me off for a second, I can only assume it’s a suspension hook…but it reminds me of deformed sewing needle, with the red ‘thread’ up top.

    I actually really like them both though. Peaches are delicious, and shoes are what gets the juices flowin for me. :)

  2. Correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t think a suspension hook would be barbed at the end like that… might make it rather nasty to get out… Fishing hook, maybe?! And agreed it looks more like a peach, but either way, nice muted colours.

  3. Yep jumping on the peach bandwagon. I really like it though. but…why a peach?

  4. Haha, I thought it was a peach too, but the description said apple, so I’m going with apple.

  5. Probably Peach to represent her Mom and the fishing hook for her Dad.

    Love the shading and the color scheme.

  6. Okay what I see in this picture:
    Peach-coloured loveheart-shaped berry (first thing I saw, don’t ask)
    A fishing hook for her dad.
    A sewing needle for her mother.
    It doesn’t look like they’re the same pointy object at all to me, the symetry is off. So I’m going with my theory which I think is rather nice :)
    Either way, colour scheme is fantastic. Id’ love something like this.

  7. Maybe Mama is a Georgia Peach, and Daddy’s a fisherman….

    yeah, what he said…

  8. It’s a Peach and a Fishing Hook. I did this on Aaron’s (from Hardnox Clothing) wife. She wanted the Peach for her mom and the hook for her dad. The shoe was something i drew up and a customer happened to come across it.

    Tanane Whitfield.

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