Rest Your Trigger on My Finger

Well here’s a fun and sexy time! Some vulgar pin-up gal walks into a cowboy bar, finds the biggest gun in the room, pumps him to the gills with powder and then just goes to town—who hasn’t heard that story before? (I think it was the plot for Deadwood.) Anyhow, what better excuse than this piece by Sean Walrad from Colorado Springs’s Pikes Peak Tattoo to get an old-fashioned ModBlog debate fired up? Let’s see…what’s more important, a healthy sex life or the right to bear arms? THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE.

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22 thoughts on “Rest Your Trigger on My Finger

  1. I find this a bad tattoo, for the size of the gun is completely irrational! There is no way one would make a gun that big, and still make grip shaped to a hand on it.

  2. Better take care not to make me enter, cause if I do we both may disappear. Always love a Tool reference Jordan.

  3. tool, good call. i think its a great tat, but it seems the angle of some of her anatomy is slightly off, her face mostly.

  4. I actually really dig this, its not like its the weirdest or most vulgar thing we’ve seen. Its way unique and pretty rad if you ask me.

  5. The gun is pretty twisted as well. The cylinder isn’t cylindrical, the grip is strange. The whole tattoo is out of proportion and twisted…yet somehow I like it. It;s almost like an optical illusion where lines come forward then recede and lose the eye.

  6. I actually like the proportions in this tattoo. I agree with what #20 said about it being like an optical illusion. And I like the way it look like a pencil drawing.

  7. I think the tattoo is amazing. We’ve done some similar stuff at my tattoo shop here in Colorado Springs, CO. The optical illusion style is getting more and more popular.

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