Guess What? Sexy Thursday Edition

Hey there, ModBloggers! Today’s “Guess What?” is deceptively tricky. Sure, you look at it and figure, “Oh, it’s a photo of the lovely Jenni, what more is there figure out?” Well…there is a lot more. A whole lot. The first person to guess correctly what’s hiding beyond the borders of the above photo wins their VERY OWN DINOSAUR. Get to work!

38 thoughts on “Guess What? Sexy Thursday Edition

  1. First thoughts….Hmm…This is a new direction for “Guess What”….., and then the penis popped out and it all made sense again.

  2. thats not a kilt that guys wearing its a skirt, but he dicked a girl in the ear so over all he is win!

  3. That confused the shit out of me for a good 30 seconds at least. I actually thought she just had a dick-earring…and awkward shoulders…

    I fucking love that though. I wish someone would stick a penis through MY ear. :(

  4. Finally I get to see someone do this. It was an on-going joke after some drunk guy told me he could do it and never put out. Now I feel vindication for all. Or something.

  5. 10 – Yes, its basically always a dick, but what type of adornment does Mr. Winky have? That’s the real question.

  6. The other person is rosslewisbrown, I think he used to have IAM. Two of my best friends playing stickthedick in my bedroom, I’m so proud <3

  7. Just when I thought I’d seen everything, Mr Ginsberg blows my brain again. I love you Jordan Ginsberg with all the remaining fragments of my brain. Seriously though, clever that the kilt tartan matches Jenni’s hair-band, and that her lip-colour matches the red of the tartan. But a dick through Jenni’s ear is truly fucking magical! Note to Jordan: give me a day or two to recover, then please shock me again!!!

  8. Ohhhh, it’s me! Hahahahaha!

    And no, it wasn’t a kilt, he was in fancy dress :D The guy is iam:rosslewisbrown

    Classy? Haha, I wouldn’t ever really want to be anyway ;)

  9. My hubby keeps asking me to stretch my ears big enough so he can put his cock through through it, just like this. … Sadly, I don’t think I can stretch much further than what they’re already at.

  10. I’ve thought about this for ages and never got around to asking people if it had been done.

    Now, next question (i’m sure at least one other person thought this): is sex possible? With no jewelry and lube of course…

  11. Weeeeeee! It’s me and my dick!

    I’m afraid I’m wearing a skirt, not a kilt. I was a full on tranny that night!

  12. For the love of whatever, can we just have more than 1 out of 1,000 click through’s that isn’t a penis? The joke is getting old. Way old.

    Sure, I like surprising click throughs as much as anyone else and sometimes the ones with a penis are funny or interesting, but most of the time it’s just “How can we crop a shot that has a random penis in it so that they can’t tell it’s a penis but they know it’s a penis anyway because it’s always a penis but we’re in denial that they always think it’s a penis so let’s get that picture and stick a penis in it somehow! Brilliant! High Five!!!!”

    There are SO MANY OTHER BODY PARTS, UNUNSUAL or EXTREME MODS and at least one other oficially, plus several other vialble GENDERS as well. So come on, joke’s over, get some new material…

    ***HONK*** if you agree.

  13. If you feel such a need to complain, take some pictures that you think would make more ‘interesting’ click throughs and submit them yourself. Then if the same ‘old’ clickthroughs keep coming up, you’ll have grounds to whine about them. :D

    Infact, looking through the ‘Guess What’ category.. most of them seem to be female anyway :P

  14. i don’t know how many guys have come up to
    me and said, think those holes are big enough
    for me to stick my dick through?

    and now i’ve finally seen it done.

  15. My goal in life has always been to put my penetrate a womans earlobe =/
    Seeing the girls here willing to have it done make me kinda disappointed in the ones I’ve met that haven’t had a combination of (1) lobes large enough, and (2) willing.

  16. Wow! What a site you have here. You have a real knack for making a tranny blog pleasing to the eyes and feeds fantasies very well. Some sites look like train wrecks, but not yours – it

  17. I can’t even count how many times I’ve been asked “Can you put a dick thru that hole?” (My 3/4 eyelet)…almost as often as I hear, “did that hurt?”

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