He Done Blind Me

Hey now, here’s a fine-looking piece being sported by Azreal. It’s not always easy to take traditional elements like flowers, banners and script and make them look truly fresh, but I think this really works. The coloring on the lilies is great, and, my Latin is a little rusty, so correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe those are the lyrics to Witchy Woman, which, hey, nice touch.

(Tattoo by Jimmy G. at Five Cents Tattoo in Ottawa, Ontario. And those are obviously not Eagles lyrics. I am just an idiot.)

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10 thoughts on “He Done Blind Me

  1. this is beautiful!
    i’d love to know what it says though.
    all i can make out is the beginning….”my one towards”
    & i dont even know if that’s right :p

  2. Looks like:

    Meus Unus Versus Diligo
    Amator Ustulo Tu In Aeternus

    Sienna Lynn

    I love my changed one
    Lover, Little flame, You in eternity

    My Latin’s out of practice, but I think this might be the victim of a poor translation :|

  3. “meus unus versus diligo/amator ustute tu in aeternum”

    “to the one who means the most to me/my love for you burns eternally”

    that’s my best guess, but i’m not sure. also, i made it rhyme. eat it, catullus.

  4. If the first banner is meant to express “I cherish my one true man” then shouldn’t “meus unus versus” be in the accusative case because it is the direct object of the verb?

    And I believe that “amator” means “lover” not “love,” and the verb “ustulo” means “I burn” not “My love burns.” Also, “tu” is in the nominative and if you wanted to expressed that said love burns “for you” it should be “tibi” as a dative of reference. Finally, “in aeternum” is a misconstruction of the accusative of motion towards meaning “into eternity” as though taking a physical journey into eternity. If you want to use “eternally” as an adverb it would be better to say “aeternus”

    If you want to say “my love burns for you eternally” you would say “Amor meus tibi ustulat.”

  5. my correct guess was a result of incredibly liberal translation. i still think it reads like a bad babelfish job.

  6. First glance it looks like Menu: anus versus vadge to me…

    Should have gone to Specsavers

  7. I’m also sorry to point out that “versus” means “toward”, among other things. “Verus” means ‘true’.
    And “diligo” is a verb, not a noun. So the first line says “My one toward I love”. Which, sorry, makes no sense.
    Pale_Legionnaire took care of the second half… anyway, it would have to be a very, VERY loose and grammatically incorrect translation to mean “My one true love, my love for you burns eternally.”

    But the flowers are beautiful! I’m loving the gold ribbon with them!

  8. wow, i didn’t realize the point of this posting was to get in an uproar about whether or not the latin is gramatically correct. for all you know, whatever mistakes are there, are there with a purpose.


    this piece is beautiful and well done. <3 i love the blue. i have a lilly on my ankle that’s pink and orange.

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