Beat the Ground

Hi, folks! And now, for today’s lesson in symbols. If you see a person waving a white flag, approach and capture them. However, if you see a person waving a self-knitted skull cozy from a sewing needle in their septum, you run. You turn your head and you run and you don’t look back.

(Says MrsRayRay, “Four gauge—the needle fits, so why not?” No argument here.)

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17 thoughts on “Beat the Ground

  1. I love the font style of her collarbone tattoos, they look beautifully delicate. Would love to know what they say…?

  2. im also gonna guess a 7 or 8
    and it looks like a circular rainbow wooden needle from knitpicks

  3. 4 ga = 5 mm, knitting needles are measured by mm. Unless you’re a crazy American and prescribe illogical numbers to them. Much like body jewellery. Why isn’t everything just measured by actual size? Bah.

    I like her hat.

  4. The tattoo font is “dearest swash” and says “if i come without a thing, i’ve come with all i need”.

    the knitting needle is either us# 7 or 8, i can’t remember. 😛

    thanks guys! 🙂

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