The Track of Truth


Ahem. Actually, it’s Sy, hanging out in Holbury, waiting for summer to come, and dealing quite stoically with those flowers blooming out of his nose, I must say. Probably not as uncomfortable as a tree growing in your lung, but an inconvenience nonetheless.

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24 thoughts on “The Track of Truth

  1. He’s hot, but this picture makes my eyes itch. Someone please pass the Zyrtec?

  2. He’s cute but the thought of having flowers in my nose is aggravating my allergies… achoo

  3. vegan, modified, and hot *hearts* … I hope he doesn’t have a jealous girlfriend who’s going to kill us all for this thread

  4. Oh, That’s me, I was flicking through the blog and it’s 3 pages back, serves me right for not checking it often enough. Thank you all for the nice comments though 🙂

    And no, there is no girlfriend 😉

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