“Boom Shiva”

It’s been a while since we’ve featured a piece from Swastika Freakshop here on the ol’ ModBlog (no, really, it has!), so here we have yet another epic backpiece by Marc, this one coming in under the title “Boom Shiva.” As always, holy hell is there a lot to like about Marc’s work, and this is no exception.

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20 thoughts on ““Boom Shiva”

  1. i really was going to say how much i liked this piece (well, except for the fucking swastikas). but then i noticed a few areas that are totally sub-standard. i really expected better, since marc is typically a great artist even if he has no morality. maybe he needs to do some soul-searching to get back on his game.

    so, as usual, fuck swastika freakshop.

  2. again nothing out of this world,im confused as to why his work gets this much coverage

  3. As soon as you can create a tattoo this epic, then you can talk shit about someone else’s work. Until then stfu noob :P

  4. reply to number 3 and 5 , when you see work like this and you think about it like you do ? well then i challenge you to make work as artistic as him , this is real art and like every great artist there’s always a red line in their work and this is no other for tattooartists , i think its absollutly amazing how you can always see this is the work from mark but that he still manage to make his work in his style but still always making something else

    great job !!!!!!!!!!

  5. being able to create art has nothing to do with being able to appreciate it,no i couldnt tattoo that as well as marc BUT i can also see that it isnt that great either,go figure nooooooooooooob haha!what a dick

  6. then say what’s wrog with it ! noooooooob !
    his shading is good , his proportions are good , and if he is not that great like you say , then why is it that he has so much people go to him ?
    you can find it bad but at least TRY to show some respect for it , and say something like : good job , but not my style in stead …

    case closed
    DICK !

  7. thanks heretic for a god start in this day..
    peoples like you bring me always a smile in my face..
    i think you will also love my new homepage design andplease dont read the about swastika artikel. i dont want destroy your world….

  8. haha i love that style of tattoo but not this example because the blackwork is scrappy,the swastikas are squint and the dotworks mediocre!im not sayin its shit im just pointing out that its not awesome!and the fact that you judge someones greatness on the amount of other people that like it says a lot about you,case closed sheep!!

  9. I think the face lets him down on this one – the features are a bit flat and expressionless and just not as well rendered as the rest of the piece, so I’m not really feeling it. Considering a pair of eyes (or 3 eyes in this case!) placed right in the centre of a piece of art will automatically be the focal point, perhaps they deserved a little more attention. Hopefully Marc’s ego is not so over-inflated from constant praise on Modblog to take some constructive criticism :p

  10. i always shake my head in disbelief when someone still uses that tired, old ‘you cant criticize if you cant do it better’ bullshit. so should we all keep our mouths shut about the government, because we are not good politicians? i guess that crap worked for hitler…

    i am genuinely glad i bring a smile to your face, i hope it helps you think & use your heart better.
    whats that URL? id be happy to read your views.
    ill even try to respect them (something SF folks cant seem to do in return), but dont get all pissy when i disagree and voice my opinions.

    BTW, i still dont know how SF rationalizes thier use of the BS swastika. they seem to imply that they are Buddhists or Hindu, but which is it? or any?
    The reason i wonder is because almost all the of those (Buddhist/Hindu) i ask about the swastika have told me that while it is an positive, ancient symbol they decline to use it because of the nazis and it is against thier beliefs to emotionally harm others by showing it off. a few have also told me they find it disgusting to use it to make money. Some have told me that using the swastika this way goes against Buddhist/ Hindu teachings!!

    Again i am led to believe that SF are not the good people they pretend to be and that they lend comfort to fascists and neo-nazis with thier glorification of the swastika. its way too similar to historical revisionism to not say anything.

  11. who said we are good people ???
    hahahaaaaaaaa everybody knows that we are nazis like heretic cognize it a long time ago!
    So all germans are nazis, its clear like daylight!
    iam happy that everybody knows that right now, thank you heretic!

  12. @heretic138
    you are definitelly so fucking funny !!!!
    come on guy you never know why persons do a tatu!!!!
    so why you just dont shutup with your hillbilly opinion
    go travelling man, see the world and all there differences,
    then maybe
    if you get more open minded
    come back here

    ps: bating heretic138 was a full suxess

  13. iam so fed up with tis discussion!

    heretic didnt like the swastika and didnt want to inform himself about her true origins, but who cares. If he is happy with this let him do and let him write?

    some people adopt with the swastika,so please heretic and all the others let them do. its not that anybody said we are all good peoples, were fucking freaks! but its not ok to call us nazis and money-makers cuz of the swastika.

    Nowbody knows what its wit to live here in germany and get ever prejudices from other cultures cuz hitler and the fucking things that asshole do.

    so its not only to glorify the swastika, its more than that. and its good to bridle us against all those prejudices.
    in germany nowbody learn something about the swastika, eberybody learns thousands of hours in school about hilter and hitlers germany but never what he do with this symbol.

    and iam not agree that hitler gets still this attention. everybody here in germany should only know that the swastika is one more clout of hilter, as long as they didnt now it better.

    and whats so bad about to use the hinduism and buddhists culture and art as muse? personally i cant identify myself with this, but i didnt see any problems to get closer in touch with that cultures for germans and other european peoples.

    also i know the guy who had this tattoo on his back personally, and he´s very close to that religion, i talked often to him.

    so open your eyes and open your mind. and let those fucking prejudices against germans go, its a wonderful country with wonderful nature and many open-minded peoples.

  14. ha ha.. you more stupid that i ever think.
    the anonymus was just a fake. when you get on teh name you get linked to the page and you will see who i am. im teh devil himselve… harg harg harg…

  15. You can always tell Freakshop work INSTANTLY :) Always a pleasure!

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