Dead Leaves Scatter, Hour by Hour

The last time we featured Jen‘s work here, we were looking at these heavy-duty clavicle cuttings. Now, however, she sends in this lovely sunflower scarification, done in three-and-a-half hours — one of the last pieces she did at Tattoo Angus before moving to Philadelphia for her new position at Infinite. Check out another shot, after the jump.

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19 thoughts on “Dead Leaves Scatter, Hour by Hour

  1. *shutters* The cuttings are nice but they still give me the shivvers!

  2. That’s absolutely gorgeous! Makes me wonder if I have the brass to get some cutting work done myself… I’m not so sure just yet, but eventually I will run out of things to pierce and ink….

  3. Yanno, I usually don’t go for cuttings, as they rarely look as pretty when healed, but I’m very much liking the swirlies. They’re delightfully haphazard, and I can imagine they’ll look nice as a scar. I’m still undecided on the flower. Must see healed shots.

  4. looks really deep, deeper then some other cutting artists go.
    but it also looks really well done. im impressed by the smooth curves and spirals.
    the flower itself aint too shabby either!

    NH will miss Jen, im sure.
    congrats on the gig at Infinite

  5. yh man cuttits look amazing but big stuff like this proper does make me =s

    looks so savage in an artistic way lol

  6. This looks so, so pretty! Not something I would be brave enough to get done myself though, but it is gorgeous :)

  7. Is it just me who is noticing how inconsistent that piece is? The lines are not that smooth, and some of them just all of a sudden go from thin to fat as shit. just like the other piece that was posted on modblog by this person. 3 and 1/2 hours is definitely quick, but where they going for a record, or for a nice clean piece?

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