Let it Be

I hate to shatter the perception that many of you surely carry of me as some barbaric figure—upsettingly manly, all rippling biceps and hearty beard and astronomical sperm count—but I have a confession. I hate bugs. Jesus Christ, do I hate bugs. More than almost anything. More than Sean Hannity hates spicy mustard. When BME was located in Mexico and I was brought on board, nobody has ever behaved less heroically than I did when faced with the prospect of massive, soldier-like cockroaches as a mainstay of the locale.

With all that said, I really like the execution of this adaptation of a C. C. Askew painting, as worn by Hayley. The purple and yellow are beautifully done, and I have to admit that even the rendering of that horrid death-critter fits nicely, as well. I will now douse myself in RAID.

(Tattoo by Timbo at Reillies Tattoo in Perth, WA.)

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12 thoughts on “Let it Be

  1. i really like that, nice! the gradient is an extra awesome touch, too!

  2. wow you’ve got the craziest tattoo of all your friends. this makes you:

    1) the coolest person among a group of 5-15

    2) a fucking idiot to the other 6 billion of us.

  3. I really like the tattoo. I’ve had some work done by one of the artists at Reilleys too, its a shame its closed now though.

  4. Tom – Reilley’s reopened 😉
    Go take a peek next time you’re down Osborne Park way, you won’t be disappointed.

    The colour gradient is really nice but I’m not a fan of the overall piece

  5. heythar- why’d you have to go and be all negative? it’s just too easy for people to throw around hurtful comments, when to be honest the 6 billion other people on earth don’t give a fuck what you think. why are you even on here if you can’t appreciate someone else’s choice on their personal modification?

    hayley has amazing tattoos and she chooses them because she likes them. good for her that she can express herself in such a way. love you h!

    on reilly’s, many artists did move when the shop shut for a bit but a few returned and a few more are on board. 🙂

  6. This is my tattoo.

    Its one of my favorites. I got it on my body because I wanted it and I love it!!
    I only get tattooed for myself, every modification I get brings me closer to my ideal self.
    I dont owe anyone an explanation or a response… especially shallow/narrow minded people like yourself Heythar, it seems as though you had made up your mind about me as soon as you saw the image.

    I feel sorry for you, with such rapid judgments you probably write off a lot of people/experiences before you even give them a proper chance… in the end its only you who will miss out =s

  7. Obviously Heythar still gets teased in the playground at school and comes on to websites to put others down.
    Jealousy will get u nowhere darling.

  8. What’s also kind of funny is that this probably isn’t the “craziest tattoo” of all Hayley’s friends. Hayley has a lot of friends (certainly more that 5-15) with a lot of tattoos. It’ probably isn’t even the craziest of Hayley’s tattoos. But it is definately the most beautiful! <3

  9. Hayley I think the tattoo looks so cool I also like the half purple half yellow those two colors look so good together, thats one of the funnest tattoos I have seen in a while. Anyway dont let people like heythar put you down for your tattoo, shes the kind of person who has nothing better to do then to come onto sites like yours and bash people because of their body modifications, people like her arent even worth getting angry at, honestly people like her are a waste of time, if people learned to ignore ignorant people like heythar and what they post then soon she will get tired of bloging on people sites and bashing people because no one cares what she has to say and that her opinions are only words that dont amount to anything if she cant get a rise out of you then she wont even bother leaving a comment. Nice tattoo (:

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