Never Sleep

“I’m a programmer,” says Exciteableboy, he of the above knuckle tattoos, “it’s what I am.” Oh yeah? Well, I LOVE PIES, but you don’t see me bragging about it.

…Oh, who am I kidding? I brag about it all the time. Go forth, good sir.

Actually, let’s open it up to the floor: Favorite knuckle tattoos of all time, whether you’ve actually seen them or just had wonderful dreams about them. Let’s hear ‘em in the comments.

(Tattoos by Slim at Studio City Tattoo in Studio City, California.)

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63 thoughts on “Never Sleep

  1. if i was a geek i would brag about it too…
    best knuckle tat’s: dallas green “true love” tattoo and “i s2 beards” on someone i don’t remember :x

  2. You know, I have an idea in my head, that was inspired by the “read more” knuckle tattoos. However, I’m not gonna post it – I’d be too afraid to find it on this site in a few weeks, or to find someone who already has it!

  3. I think my favourite knuckle tattoo I’ve seen is “SANDWICH”. A close second is “POTATOES”, but that one wasn’t real.

  4. i know someone with “fuck work” on theirs,probably unbeatable in my eyes

  5. LOL.
    It wasn’t a tattoo…but one night my friend got drunk and wrote HUGE PERV across his knuckles.
    It was Hilarious.

    It should be his tattoo

  6. I always wondered how the “FISH” and “CHIPS” tattoos on the biker in Good Omens were supposed to be distributed.

  7. See andthemieke! I KNEW IT! That’s what I’m going to get. =[

    I guess I’m not as original as I thought. Hopefully nobody will have my book/reading inspired side piece either.

  8. a friend has “hopeless” then “romantic” on her knuckles, which i’ve always liked. and i have “snapshot” on mine, me being a photographer and all.

    and Vombie, my fiance (iam) lil’ chris, has POTATOES on his knuckles, in white and red ink. they look like scars.

  9. I don’t think I’d ever really go for knuckle tats but the ones that look best in my head are always a few letters short. I like the idea of all sorts of puncutaion marks tho.

  10. the best i ever saw was OBSO LETE

    i’ve always dreamed of POTA TOES especially since one had would just say “toes”

  11. I have a soft spot for geeks. :]

    And I really liked the “read more” one I saw on here a while ago.

  12. I’ve known “FUCK COPS” about as big and bold as they’d go
    while I agree it should have been on a more savory individual

  13. My favourite is mine, but I’m biased. =) Mine is DASY URID. Dasyurids (Family Dasyuridae) are my absolute favourite animals, so…

    I’ve had a grand total of maybe four people know what it was though *shrugs*. I don’t mind!

  14. I can’t find an image, but the singer from the band Gallows, Frank, has “Blue Eyes” on his. I’ve always loved how soft the phrase is and how hard knuckle tattoos are.

  15. mine say “tape deck” but i almost went with “nerd life”, i worked with a piercer once who was sort of planning on getting “empl oyed” or “igot ajob” after he’d passed the 10 yr mark in the industry

  16. my ex used to work on a tallship, recreating the daily life of a sailor in the 1830s for scads of schoolchildren. many of his fellow shipmates had the traditional “HOLD FAST” knucks, but he was the cook, so he would occasionally write “MAKE STEW” across his knuckles in Sharpie just for a laugh.

    now he’s in culinary school, and i think he should make it permanent.

  17. Mine say CHOW DOWN. But they read top to bottom so that when I eat the appropriate foods they’re still visible and readable.

    :) LOVE FOOD.

  18. In the past, on Modblog I believe, I saw two that I liked “SOUS CHEF” and “HAUS FRAU.”

  19. COMP GATE is what my knuckles read. I love it but it’s probably not funny unless you are an audio nerd like me.

    KNUC KLES is also a favorite. Labeling body parts is great!

  20. I just thought of this while looking over this thread.
    Tattoos of trench knives on the back of hands then DUST THIS on knuckles. :) I’d be happy.

  21. #26, Well I at least learned what the animal is called in english, apparently in finnish it’s called a “pocket devil” (pussipiru) :D

    I don’t have any real favourites as far as knuckle tats go, but I prefer to have one word/hand, so you don’t need both hands to complete the word. And of course originality is appreciated.

  22. My favorites by far are Jacoby Shaddix’s “Love Hate” and MickDeth’s “Life Less”, and Synyster Gates’ “Marl Boro”

    Jacoby: (Can’t find a good one of both together)


    Synyster: (Only one hand cause I’m too lazy to look for the pic I have with both showing)

  23. RENT BEER is what im thinking of getting, maybe an OR on the thumbs, my friend has FIST FUCK the dirty bugger

  24. I’m In love with the ‘I *heart* beards”
    I’m also keen on “must ache” as discussed in the beard forum but I’m australian and can’t help but put an o in there!

    My friend has “fade away” which I think is pretty cool

  25. i’ve always wanted to do a double decker set with either “wish you were here” or “think happy thoughts”

  26. There was one posted years ago, but it said evolve, and had darwins theory picture wise as a double decker, best I’ve seen to date. I wish I could track down a picture

  27. i think it would be hilarious for someone to get “4teh lulz” but my favorite i have ever seen on anyone belongs to Connor Lovat-Fraser of the band Boys Night Out. his are a double decker and say “Look at my Knuckles”. genius. if you couldnt tell i like self explanatory tattoos.

  28. I came up with one for my friend that he ended up getting. My favorite.
    dngn mstr

    Yes, we play a lot of D&D.

  29. My roommates have a notebook filled with absurd knuckle tats. My favorites are BEAT KIDS (Wonder Showzen anyone?) and LFOD PUNX. Live Free or Die!

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