Be the Mirror

Hey, why so sullen? Brandi just turned 18, has arms full of needles courtesy of Cris Black from Stick To your Guns Tattoos and Body Piercing, but doesn’t seem impressed at all. It’s almost like something’s missing…

Ahh, that’s the ticket.

(Photo by Alex B.)

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23 thoughts on “Be the Mirror

  1. Wow, I was nowhere near cool enough to pull that off on my 18th, and still couldn’t 11 years later – props to you Brandi, oh and happy birthday too…

  2. doesnt it seem like the needles should have faced the other way, so she wouldnt have to crank her arms around?

  3. Awesome and fun! I had something similar done for my last birthday, but needles in my breasts though. I am just a tiny bit The candles made it way fun. Happy birthday Brandi!!

  4. nope, i just looked at it again, i’m an idiot. if they faced the other way she’d be in an even more awkward position.

  5. thanks to every one! this was one of the best experiences in my life. it was sooo much fun cris was awesome, especially since he wasnt feeling well at all.. i couldnt hav asked for a better photographer. 18 has definately started out well thanks to these guys. i luvs u guys!!

  6. wow, the whole “i got copied” arguement followed us to BME from Bmod…. again, wow… immature….

    and to everyone else, thanks for all the positive feedback. it’s all very much appreciated…

  7. this who copied who crap is just tht crap

    with the amount of people on this earth and the years of existance, I am sure EVERYTHING has been done at least once by someone somewhere so really, who cares who did it before/after

    I think this is GREAT!!! I’m sure she did it for herself and not so she could rant “Oh im the first, I’m the first!”

  8. For the record the very kind gentleman that facilitated my birthday candle experience reminisced about his experiences in the early seventies performing the same act in a dungeon in Montreal.

    One thing to remember when doing this is you are playing with fire, know when to call it and quit.
    I suffered a minor burn and didn’t realize till after it was said and done. This was due to me insisting on the candles burning for duration of happy birthday being sang in both English and in French out of respect to the kind Francophone who facilitated the experience for me.

    If you do your arms, keep them parallel to the ground if you drop them they will become one big flame and you will become one big burned mess, i have unfortunately witnessed this.

  9. Ouch x] Burning hot wax onto your arms.
    Although, might not’ve hurt as much as those needles did..

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