Call Somebody

“Sometimes,” says Justin (previously), “bad ideas can turn into awesome ideas!” Oh, really? You mean like breaking into a tattoo studio and snapping photos like a common paparazzo while Rey Mysterio Jr. gets his ass tattooed? I guess if you’re the sort of guy who eats hurricanranas for breakfast, then, yes, that would probably be a good idea.

(Tattoo artist: Travis Wasko, Stay True Tattoo, Johnson City, Tennessee.)

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7 thoughts on “Call Somebody

  1. The hurricanranas link isn’t working for me? Says photobucket deleted or moved it ;;

  2. This guy isn’t just too big, but he has no forearm tattoos, Thus is not Rey Mysterio Jr.

  3. He looks more like El Ass-o Wipe-o! And be careful what you say! else he’ll break-ah-chu over his knee…Like-ah so!

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