Gimme the Keys

Doesn’t this piece by Julia Seizure at Hong Kong’s Star Crossed Tattoo remind you of the good old days? You know, pre-recession era (because everyone just had burlap satchels of gold doubloons instead of worthless American dollars), when traveling from New York to Los Angeles (or Missouri to Oregon) would take 30 years, and half of your party would die of dysentery, and several babies would be born by the time you got there, and people just rode around on murderous bears like it was the thing to do? Ah…memories.

More shots, after the jump.

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23 thoughts on “Gimme the Keys

  1. aww i would love the bear by itself its amazing and cute 😀 love this tattoo

  2. Jenny, I was thinking the same. Haven’t seen this piece before though. I like it.

  3. wow, i’ve totally been planning on getting some fish tattooed on me so i’m stoked about this!

  4. hah, i did this piece, and only found it coz one of my faithful blog readers informed me! anyways, i just wanted to say thanks for all the awesome comments. this piece was originally just on planks of wood, and a really angled photo for refrence so i had to redraw it and figure out colours! came out sweet tho! wish i got to do more stuff like this!
    p.s for anyone in the UK, i’m working norwich convention in aug! and flamin 8 for a week or so!

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