Son of a Nutcracker

Greetings, ModBloggers! Let’s kick off the day with Alex’s nicely healed pointed ears, as pointed by the man with Brooklyn’s shiniest scalp, xPUREx. This is a pretty dramatic pointing, but these photos were taken a year after the procedure and, near as we can tell, no complaints. Huzzah.

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38 thoughts on “Son of a Nutcracker

  1. idk why but these pointed ears are kinda creeping me out…theyre are amazing though, I wonder if they are hollow?

  2. It looks wonderful, but I really have to wonder how such a dramatic change in ear shape has effected her hearing. Any thoughts on that?

  3. wait , you must be joking we have seen lots of nice points /elf ears on here
    these are not good at all!
    they look chewed up at best
    there is gross scars on them and you can totaly see the marks from the stitches and this is a year later!?!?!
    must have looked hellish before this then

    just look through modblog and check out the other ear points that have been shown and then come back and say these are a great job

    purex is cute dont get me wrong but im not going to tell him that his work is amazing when he puts out something like this, looking average at best

  4. i’m going to have to agree with “not nice”, i don’t really like this ear pointing. i’ve seen way better.
    and the fact that the stitch lines are kind of visible, but that’s easily fixed with some anti-scar skin creams i’m sure.

    but! this is PERSONAL preference with me, i like smaller more subtle points, whereas this girl obviously likes the more dramatic look. no doubt xPUREx does amazing work, but i wouldn’t put this under his “best” category. but then again, that’s just me.

  5. must be nice to keep the insides clean. i just keep thinking about all the nasty stuff thats gonna gather inside of those, and how difficult it is to get all the stuff out.

  6. I love the idea of pointed elf- or Vulcan-like ears, but what’s currently possible just doesn’t look right.

  7. sara, as the procedure isnt really near the ear-hole i doubt it would affect her hearing.

    ew and i agree with the comment about keeping them clean :P hahaha yuck.

    im impressed how symmetrical they are tho, apart from the lump out the bottom of the point in the right photo.

  8. @4/5:
    My ears were pointed about a year and a half ago and I STILL notice that my hearing from behind me is far poorer and of a tinnier quality that that in front or to the side of me. But it’s entirely situational – a girl I know who has had her ears pointed has not noticed a change. And it makes finding in-ear headphones that will stay in a real bitch – just an FYI.

  9. these look terrible. there pretty badly scarred and the shape is just bad. I had mine done about 3 months ago and there was a slightly noticeable hearing difference for a bit, but i think it was because my ears stuck out like wing nuts

  10. I can certainly understand everyone’s apprehension and concern, but these are by far at the most extreme level of ear reconstruction i’ve ever done or seen and at that level of intensity i’m quite pleased they held up as well as they did. As far as scarring goes, I’m not sure how long the sutures were left in as i wasn’t the one who removed them, but yes, it may have been able to have been minimized if they’d been removed a little earlier, but in the end she’s happy, so i am too.

  11. I was just saying that as far as my understanding goes, the ear shape bounces and collects sounds into the ear canal. It would seem plausible that by changing the ear shape, it would effect the hearing. Just saying. But, its a good thing that her hearing hasnt been compromised, so good work!

  12. I can understand the concern with the track scars from the sutures, but average (#18)??? These are far from the average points I normally do or the ones you’ve probably seen. She is a sideshow performer and wanted these altered to the maximum of ability. You have no idea how much work and manipulation goes into making the ear change shape this drastically.

  13. It’s been a damn long time since I’ve seen an ear pointing on the blog…

    And considering it’s so extreme, it looks just fine…. As long as the bearer of the mod and the artist are happy…

  14. I’ve seen much of his work. much of it is average at best. these are no different. sorry dude.

    I continue to have clients of his come to me for advice/ repairs of procedures he has done.

    But you know what they say about rockstars….

  15. I’m sure everyone comes to you. You don’t even show who you are…………

  16. There great and everything, I just wish they looked more natural. But I’m sure that’s asking for a lot. They look really clean.

  17. When I first looked at these, I wasn’t sure I liked the way they looked, but the more I end up looking over this picture, the more I like them. Sure they’re more dramatic than many, but that’s what makes them neat, isn’t it?

  18. they look like giant Bugles chips to me, but for as extreme as they are they’re okay. if you go to her myspace page and look at some of her pictures, they look 100x better from far away and not up close.

    as for hearing and keeping them clean, I didn’t notice ANY change in hearing and they really aren’t that hard to keep clean. no different than before I got them done.

  19. Although they are growing on me somewhat, I have to say I’m still not a fan of them. For a first time set they’d look good but with the number of them having been done they could be better, I would think.

    To the person saying they repair his work often – why are you hiding? If I were in your shoes, I would simply post before and after photos. That way you are just as open to criticism as he is right now. No one is going to please everyone.

  20. I really don’t like the look… unnatural (as far as pointed ears kan look that way) i’ve seen much more elvish ones jet…

  21. These really are at least one of the most dramatically reshaped ears that I’ve seen (or even the most) so I have to say that I’m quite impressed how nicely they have healed… You have to understand the difference between heavier change of the natural ear shape (like these) and some “smaller” pointings. Of course there’s possibility to make them look more natural but as said before the main goal with these was to make really dramatical pointing. And when I think about the pressure that is directed to the wound (when the reshaping is this radical) I have to say that I think they have healed almost suprisingly well.

  22. I really appreciate all the criticism. I don’t have power over what gets posted here, but I submit everything, so maybe next time they’ll post something more subtle and elfish for you.

    And, #22, please come out of the dark.

  23. To anyone criticizing Brian’s work, you’re out of your minds. Granted I can’t speak for every procedure he has done but I have watched him do just about every procedure he offers and I can assure you he is incredibly skilled, professional and most importantly, safe! Realize that most modification artists learn by doing, and what separates Brian from many is the fact that he is not willing to put his clients at risk to have the next cool thing that ends up on modblog. He is incredibly passionate and invests himself deeply in his work. He has raised the bar in “extreme” modification. You may not like the end result for whatever reason, be it the actual modification, the specifics concerning angles, whatever. At the end of the day the client was pleased and any negative comments should reflect solely on the choice of the person with the modification, not Brian. He did exactly what they asked to the best of his ability. He provides his clients with consistently good work that lives up to their expectations. You cannot blame him for scarring. When you sample his work as a whole you will see that it is not a trend. Some people scar worse than others, the lucky few not at all. He has enough experience with a procedure like this to steer a client in the right direction to minimize scarring and assure a positive healing experience, but many factors are at work here and once the client walks out of his door their modification is in their hands. I am not preaching that Brian is the first or the best, but he certainly does not deserve many of the negative comments he received here. And to number #22…anyone who knows him knows he does not have a “rock star” attitude. He treats his clients with utmost professionalism. In the years I have known him I do not know of a single client who didn’t feel comfortable going back to him for advice or repairs on his work. He does not put off an attitude that he knows everything. Granted, in my opinion, he is one of the most well read and experienced artists out there, but obviously every procedure he performs cant heal perfectly and last forever. That is the case for ANY modification artists. There are far too many factors that play into the successful healing. I do know that Brian is always willing to correct any issues or address any concerns of his clients promptly, free of charge, and with great sincerity.

    The fact that #22 criticized his work decided to remain anonymous obviously displays the confidence he or she has in their own work. I agree with Brian, the only way to validate your statement is to come forward and show us that your work, as well as your alleged correction of his work, are better than what he produced.

    Brian is on good terms with most of the artists that are respected in this community. You my friend, most likely fall into the….

    I’ll keep it all business.

  24. Honestly, this is just another modblog post successfully thriving off of negativity and anonymity. Constructive criticism exists no more and petty comments prevail. People still don’t have the balls to stick up for their own opinions and “comments” and post anonymously.

    Saying that the work is average, terrible, bad really doesn’t apply whatsoever to this post. Why? Because this is the style and shape the girl wanted.

  25. Agreed Candace. Any negative comment that isn’t constructive criticism is useless to begin with. Opinions are fine, but it makes no sense to target Brian’s work as the culprit when talking about the shape of the ear. This client did not want a subtle ear pointing. I’m sure she expressed what she wanted and I think Brian should get some serious credit for producing such an incredibly clean and even result when you consider how difficult it is to modify the shape of the ear to that extent.

    My thoughts? I love that the client chose to push the limits and make the points as pronounced as possible. Time and time again I see ear pointing that is done so subtly it looks more like a deformity than an intentional mod. If that’s what the client wanted, fine, but I think a lot of times it is the result of an artist who is unaware of how and where to cut the ear to create an actual point without putting too much stress on the sutures. I mean, some artists who have said negative things about good work in the past have tried to pass a small incision in the helix pulled to something that resembles a keloid as an ear pointing. As I stated before, you learn by doing, but respect those that are consistently producing good work and pushing many of the procedures they offer to the next level.

  26. Blahaal blahblah…
    people have different views no need to put the words in their mouths! if u want to lick someones ass by all means do it
    for me it does look sloppy and not that good!
    but if the client happy ..then he did an amazing i think she’s happy..and that’s all is matters!

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