I’m a Cherry Ghost

Mark Sunday at Luck of the Draw checks in with some handsome pieces from his portfolio—a pair of dreamy underwater scenes, this one of a murderous jellyfish. What’s the rule about jellyfish, again? You’re supposed to pee on one if it’s attacking you, right? No? Ah, I’m no good with sea monsters.

After the jump, some serene and colorful fish, swimming around in nature’s aquarium.

See more in Mark Sunday Tattoo Mini Portfolio (Tattoo Artist Portfolios)

16 thoughts on “I’m a Cherry Ghost

  1. That boy has some big arms! I should grow mine a bit so I can have a larger canvas. I never thought of canvas size when contemplating a diet…

  2. I like the jelly fish tattoo. I’m a big fan of side placement.

  3. I love the jellyfish…but is it just me, or does that clownfish look extraordinarily dismayed? Or maybe shocked?

  4. I like how they look like they’re drawn with pastels. And I love jellyfish more than I should. They’re just awesome.

  5. Hooray, beautiful colour tattoos :) I like how it looks chalky too ^_^
    Does anyone know how these kind of tattoos would stand the test of time…? I’d love something like this…

  6. Thanks for all the comments, critiques, and kind words, everyone! ( Hey, Nemo’s directly from a photo reference! haha…)
    These were some really favorite things I’ve done recently, you can’t go wrong with the hot/cold contrast…always striking! I’m flattered to have been shown here…
    If anyone’s ever in Millville, N.J., please stop in and visit us!
    It’s all the difference in the world if you truly wake up smiling as you go to work!
    Take care,

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