I Hope I Didn’t Brain My Damage

Well, folks, let’s wrap things up with some good old fashioned nightmare fuel. The piece you see above is worn by Dee, and it looks like someone took an old-school wall of flash, threw it in a blender with a few ounces of peyote and let nature take its course. In an excellent way, of course. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to take a cold shower. The coldest.

Until tomorrow, ModBloggers.

(Tattoo by Ian Oliver at Velvet Grip in West Hollywood, California.)

27 thoughts on “I Hope I Didn’t Brain My Damage

  1. @5 ‘VOMIT’: You don’t even HAVE any tattoos to speak of.

    That being observed, I think this is kickass!

  2. i don’t think it is poorly done.

    i think the execution of it was completely intentional.
    old flash was lined and shaded the same way.

    traditional tats aren’t for me. though i like them on women.

    this concept though was executed flawlessly.

    neato mosquito!

  3. I don’t understand how people can’t see what this is its a girl lying back and a panther in the middle bitong her it is presented perfect and the traditional style brings it to another level

    don’t hate
    apprieciate the art that this is

  4. haha I don’t understand why having lots of tattoos would somehow make my opinion count more, but alright.

  5. wow even though it doesnt make a ton of sense to me i like this a lot
    the woman is kinda hidden but i like that it is
    i normally dont like old school either but it works with this
    and the panther has a fin! what the fuck? haha

  6. I love this tattoo. It’s a skull, too.

    Vomit, you have a rat tail. End of story.

  7. I love this tattoo! its trippy. the more i look at it the more things i see.

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  9. I like how the panther looks kinda bored…
    Any thoughts on what the letters/symbols are that are coming out of the ‘mouth’ at the bottom?

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