His Goal In Life Was To Be An Echo

So, further evidence seems to indicate that “Mark” (one entry below) is, in fact, a man, and not some sort of avian hell-beast. That up there, though? That’s a bird, alright, and one of the goddamn cutest scars I’ve seen in a while to boot, being sported by the lovely Zara.

Good afternoon, ModBlog. Above is a gift for anyone who placed the title quote from yesterday’s bird post, and below is for anyone curious about today’s. Tweet tweet.

(Scarification by Charles Finnie at Eye of the Lotus in Edmonton, Alberta.)

See more in Charles Finnie Sacrification Portfolio (Scarification)

21 thoughts on “His Goal In Life Was To Be An Echo

  1. Zara: clearly this post is more about Tomahawk and Wilco and not of your beautifully scarred up abdominal region, duh!

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