Spit and Interact

And now here is some fine bio-mechanical work from Luis Aviles of Pain Addiction in San Salvador, El Salvador. Isn’t it amazing that that’s what we all look like under our skin? The human body is an wondrous creation. Another shot of our miraculous human hardware, after the jump.

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8 thoughts on “Spit and Interact

  1. this has got to be some of the worst bio mech i’ve seen come out of El Salvador

  2. i like mechanical work, but this looks a little too fake,
    the mechs all look shoved in and pellmell not mechanical at all.

    not to mention the way the skin looks melte looks pretty bad

  3. I like it! looks like comic book biomech.
    Who said biomech has to look realistic?

  4. If the owner is happy, that’s what counts. However, I loath the amount of errors going in with perspective and geometry, I feel like any teenager with a half decent art class could do MUCH better and it makes me worry about the skill of the tattooist.

  5. well generally if its not “realistic” its hard to say its mechanical. if you want to make the case of it being an H.R.Geiger piece, and its biomechish then sure ill buy that.

    and i agree with 5, i think this was just poorly drawn out.

  6. So I submit my work to no avail, but jimmy jub jub with half assed biomech makes the cut? pshh, so done with this site.

  7. I dont agree with 5, sure it looks more mangled mech than biomech, and the skin does look like its melted all over the place but i wouldnt go as far as to say that the tattoo artist is bad at what they do. The design does look a little of a slap-bang job but the shading is done pretty well and the line work looks pretty alright.

    Maybe if they had spent a little more time designing and researching biomech and possibly referencing back to H.R. Giger (The master of dark and twisted art) then it may have been more aesthetically pleasing

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