The Way You Look At Me When You’re Hunted

Let’s wrap things up today with this chilling shot of Jenya being attacked by some sort of carnivorous argyle bird (“Mark” is its name, apparently). Some reports indicate it may be more of a symbiotic relationship, as with the small birds that eat out of the teeth of hippopotami, but we prefer to believe it’s something far more…sinister. (Because we’re jerks.)

Until tomorrow, ModBloggers.

28 thoughts on “The Way You Look At Me When You’re Hunted

  1. All I can think of is some horrible minstrel show caricature when I look at his profile.

  2. Ahaha…lovely. Is the plural of hippopotamus really hippopotami, Jordan,or did you just make it up?

  3. he looks su fucking silly and ugly!
    and in german
    er sieht su doof und hässlich aus!

  4. yeahhh…not my cup of tea.the mods are awesome in a totally overdone way.

  5. I must be the only one noticing this but Jordan, you have got to be a Mike Patton fan. “You’ll see my sillouhette” in conjunction with the cigarette photo (Mr. Bungle’s Pink Cigarette), and now “The way you look at me when you’re hunted” (Tomahawk’s Rape This Day, I believe).

  6. All you close minded assholes can shut up, Jenya is amazing and hot and his devotion to pushing the limits is incredible

  7. And again, we see this Jenya guy, just because he is who he is.

    Man, I need to open a shop called Insane Shitty Tattoos and Shoddy Boddy Moddys and I’ll totally get play.

    Swastikas and pumping out over pierced turds like Jenya.

  8. I think the worst part of having such huge lip plates would be never being able to kiss someone again.

  9. that’s fucking ridiculous, it doesnt look good and it will fuck his life up until the day he dies. can you imagine when he gets older and takes his kids to parent-teacher evening looking like that?

  10. Moxxy – just because you (or even almost everyone else) think that those mods are some kind of ugly, doesn’t mean it’s going to fuck up anybodys life. If you think you’re beautiful just as you are, why you’d have to care what some strangers think of your face? Why that would be so depressive?
    And some colour in parent-teacher evenings would actually be just the thing they need, and highly modded face doesn’t mean you wouldn’t be a good parent if you want to become one.
    Would you please take the head off your ass and try to see that looking ridiculous in some people’s eyes is not a big deal if you like yourself.

  11. Moxxy – personal preference maybe? maybe you would see it as ruining your life but im sure he doesn’t. no need to project.

    I wonder if jenya drools a lot cuz of his lip plate… just being curious

  12. :D I love this group of guys with great big facial piercings. They’re all so cute looking, Jenya included!

  13. What the fuck guys!!??
    He looks soo happy and hes got the guts to wear his mods and obviously doesnt give a shit about what other people think.
    I love this picture, it makes me smile =]

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