Welcome to the Future

Hey, nerds! (Kidding.) This great calf-piece (calf-sleeve? Reverse shorts? Leg warmer?) from Toronto’s Matt Ellis features various Marvel mutants fighting some wretched Sentinels, who are just throwing fire, trying to kill folks, and just generally shitting on everybody’s good time, because they’re dicks.

You know who isn’t a dick, though? Matt Ellis! He and George Brown, the gents behind Seven Crowns Tattoo, are hosting a gallery showing/sex party on Saturday, May 30, 2009, in scenic Toronto, Ontario, featuring work from several local tattoo artists! Information about the event is after the jump, as well as the remainder of the above leg warmer.

On Saturday, May 30th we’ll be holding the “Monsters, Martyrs and May-sterpieces” show at Rockie Raccoon’s, 2579 Yonge St. in Toronto, a study in fantastically terrifying and disturbingly cheerful art pieces from the tattoo world. We will be displaying our own art as well as that of local tattoo artists, and would love for everyone to come and check it out. The event will start around 8pm, and there will be cheap drinks and free food, along with music by Sarah B. and other features that promise to tantalize and…you get the idea. Come out and celebrate art with us.

That’s a “get there” if I’ve ever seen one. So get there! C’monnnnn.

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18 thoughts on “Welcome to the Future

  1. I am a marvelggrl,n’ jean grey /dk. phoenix looks fab.
    sorry to nitpick, but nightcrawler looks…well…
    it is a loverly trib.

  2. Oh man, “calf-sleeves” like this NEED to be referred to as Leg Warmers from now on. Yes.

  3. The rest of the piece is great, but poor Nightcrawler… that’s the worst representation of him I’ve seen. (And he’s my favourite of the lot, too. Ack. He doesn’t deserve to be mangled like that!) It doesn’t fit the rest, and looks like it was drawn in the dark by someone with… well, less talent.

  4. I’m seconding Emilily on this one.

    It’s pretty kick ass but it’s a mishmash of characters – is it taken from any particular series?

    And Phoenix could be a lot more babely.

    Oh shit is my geek showing?

  5. Spider-Man is NOT A MUTANT you IDIOT

    “Ginsberg” is it? I’ll see to it that you never work on the internet again

  6. All of the art of the main characters is from the Alberto Ramos run of X-men, around the time of the civil war story arc. The spiderman is a Ramos sketch done in colour.

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