The Wolf Below

And here we have some more ass-kickery from Charles Finnie in the form of this English ivy cutting. Did we just post one of Finnie’s cuttings a few days ago? Hell yes we did. Are we posting another one today? Hell yes we are. Why? Because Finnie has incriminating pictures of me it’s just that good.

Happy Friday, ModBloggers. More after the jump.

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10 thoughts on “The Wolf Below

  1. Pretty, pretty, pretty… if I wasn’t so squeamish, I might be able to actually get something like this done. Super kudos to those who can sit through it!

    And P.S. Heroin tracks are small scars from where the needle enters the vein… they’re like the size of a pencil eraser at the worst.. nothing at all like this

  2. I can’t wait to get more work! <3 Charles YOU are the bees knees love. Stunning.

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