The Color of Their Eyes Matches the Color of Our Blood

Good morning, ModBloggers! Hope the day finds you well. Let’s kick off the week with this fine ear project all the way from Kunming, Yunnan, China. I initially assumed the screws in the cartilage were some sort of custom jewelry, but, as the post-jump photo will show, those are some real screws. Probably not terribly comfortable for long-term wear, but if the structural integrity of your ear has been compromised? Can’t be too careful. Or something.

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40 thoughts on “The Color of Their Eyes Matches the Color of Our Blood

  1. perhaps those are some of the screws that have a space of solid metal before the screw part starts – if you know what i’m talking about

  2. if it where standard jewellry then they’ll get rusty after a period with al the sweat .. and that’s no good !

  3. I’d consider something like this, but it’d probably put on an earskin first to protect the skin.

  4. oh wow, that look awesome!! i like techniqual stuff like that, but thats not very clean or?!

  5. #9 James, yes they do. Ever hear of 2girls1cup? lol. But really thats a tight ear. The tattoo behind it reminds me of the Urchan war banner from Invader Zim.

  6. dryxi I sure hope there’s some sort of real wearing space on those things.

    The idea of screw threads through cartilage makes me cringe a little.
    Don’t get me wrong though, i can definitely agree that it looks badass.

  7. Am I the only one who thinks that while yes, it looks pretty cool, it’s also a fucking TERRIBLE idea to post such idiocy without at least some “don’t try this at home, kids” warning?? I mean, really…. “not terribly comfortable?” WTF??

  8. im fairly sure random hardware store bits = not implant grade material… and are thusly a bad idea rather they are threaded or not… fuck it though if it looks cool im for it. specially if it might seep poison into my body or something equally awesome… now where did i put my arsenic and asbestos cock jewlery??

    but then again wtf do i know, im just some random asshole….

  9. I’m not really a fan. =/
    The screw thing makes me cringe and the industrial doesn’t do it for me either.

  10. haha the first thing that came out of my mouth was ‘badass’.. apparently im not the only one

  11. You can get stainless nuts and bolts at any decent hardware store. Not implant grade but stainless none-the-less. These definitely look to be your standard Zinc coated hardware. Yum!

  12. LMAO…that’s cyborg.
    This is not going to last too much, I had three of those in my brain and had to get rid off them after 20 years of problems.

  13. they could always be special order titanium. i gots some of those in my face. the titanium ones, i mean.

    not everybody’s a total idiot, though i agree that most of the general population is.

  14. There is no way those can be good for her ears. Just the threading alone is a bad idea, but chances are those aren’t pure titanium, or any sort of quality metal you should be wearing in your body long term.

    I do like the look of it, but she should definitely get something custom made instead.

  15. She could have wrapped the ends of the bolts in PTFE tape, or is wearing an earskin that is hidden by the metal, or something else to protect piercings she has obviously taken good care of thus far. And it seems unlikely that this is intended to be permanent or long term. Maybe she just wanted to see how it looked before she spends the cash on custom jewelry…. too many people here so quick to judge and get on their high horses before knowing any of the facts.

  16. I knew a guy once who had stretched his ears using just threaded bolts from the local home depot. One time he got some that irritated his ears and went to the store for some new ones. The sales guy there said of course they weren’t working, they were aluminum, then he grabbed a couple steel ones of the same size.

    They were probably around 3/8″ when I last saw him, and the skin was, in fact, threaded. When he took the jewelry out to clean, he had to unscrew it. Other than the threads, though, the piercing looked perfectly healthy.

  17. That piercing/tattoo combination in general is damn awesome. Visually, at least. Won’t comment on the use of screws in flesh…
    *Sigh* I wish I could get my cartilage piercings to heal :\

  18. Looks like they are lag bolts. The last quarter inch or so is completely smooth, and hence “lags” on the threading. If they are stainless steel lag bolts, I dont see a problem.

  19. cant say im all for having screws in my ear so someone please invent custom jewlery like this??

  20. Brings a new meaning to the word industrial. O.o Kinda badass looking, even though I’d never do it haha.

  21. There is 300 grade stainless hardware, a little higher nickel content than 316, but probably as good as anything at Hot Topic. And as someone else stated those screws could have a smooth shoulder, or could be wrapped with a little plumber’s tape.

  22. All of you guys who are saying “could be some high grade steel, could be they’re wrapped in PTFE tape” didn’t notice the text that says they’re from China. Good luck finding a nice hardware store with everything sorted in little drawers there =P Hopefully the person is just wearing this temporarily for the photo shoot.

  23. I find the entire ear sexy as can be and the bolts stunningly beautiful. Oh, wow! And it is not often a pic takes my breath away, but this one does.

  24. Amazing… With proper mateiral quality (let’s hope) a stunnign great idea, with STANDARD nickel containing alloys… uh-oh…

  25. in my dream last night my grandma was rockin’ some of that nut and bolt jewellery in her ear lobe. Random!

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