The Strength To Bear It

Well folks, let’s wrap things up today with the fine melange of shapes, colors and textures that comprise Jamin‘s chest, including his newly tattooed nipples—which, it turns out, were actually tattooed in tandem by Gareth and Mark from Mischief Moon in Sydney, Australia. Now, last week, we featured this backpiece in which three artists worked at one—what do you all think? Would you rather three tattoo artists drill your back at the same time, or have two go to work on your nipples? Choose wisely!

Ed. note: Sorry for this going up so late! I’d posted it earlier but accidentally under a category other than ModBlog. Forgiveness, please.

17 thoughts on “The Strength To Bear It

  1. Damn! I’d just thought of having big black crosses tattooed over my nipples last week and thought I was so original. Back to the drawing board

  2. Yeah, i thought of having two red crosses over my nipples for a while now… but id probably never have got it done anyway… im a wimp =[

  3. I had my knuckles done by 2 artists at once. I knew it hurt, but I couldn’t focus on the pain. So in the end I think it actually made it easier to do. Not that I think knuckles would have been a horrible experience otherwise. I just wanted 2 people to tattoo me at once and it seemed like a good time.

  4. Aw I love this guy! I chatted to him the first time I ever plucked up the courage to visit Polymorph and he is so nice, bit of a crush, to be honest.

  5. haha the electrical tape nipple covers are excellent, not too sure about the lumps above them – not my cup of tea, but they look like they have healed well 🙂

  6. Out of everything Modblog posts, this made me squirm the most. Good for him but OW!

  7. I have my nipples tattooed and a fairly huge backpiece, I think I’d choose the backpiece, I really enjoyed having my back done whereas healing my nips really had me suffering.

  8. Well I plan to have my whole torso and back filled so it’s a matter of which is first for me, but I think I’d much rather have 3 guys working on my back than the nipples. Getting my nipples pierced was by far the most painful piercing i’ve had so far and I don’t look forward to getting them tattooed.

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