Now You’re Done

Good day, ModBloggers! I don’t know about you, but it’s kind of grey and wet and generally miserable over in these parts, and I could use a pick-me-up. What I could really go for is a picture of a pretty pierced girl making funny faces while holding an adorable dog…well holy shit, look at that! That’d be Sweet Dee, with a septum pierced by Phish while at HTC in Phoenix, Arizona, and holding onto one her apparently many heart-stabbingly cute dogs. Yeah, that’ll do nicely.

33 thoughts on “Now You’re Done

  1. haha, a cute girl, and a cute pup… this pictures got all sorts of good stuff in it!

  2. Looks like a sweet (and much misunderstood) pit bull puppy. Nice to see a cute photo of two impressively cute beings!

  3. puppies are the most adorable things in the universe! yay for puppies!!!!

  4. aw man i got my nape done at htc in tempe. gotta love htc. that girl is adorable.

  5. hahaha love the face!
    this girly is gorgeous, and her piercings definitely suit her!

    and puppy love 🙂

  6. oh my god she is adorable ahahha.

    and SERIOUSLY, i want her glasses!! =(

  7. omg, that horribly adorable pit puppy is going to bite that womans face off! quick someone stop that dog, we must stop these horrible things from breeding! perhaps we should kill them all!

    oh the logic of some people, how can you hate something so cute. and the cute girly just adds to the pit bull cuteness

  8. Is it just me or does that dog kinda look like a pied manatee? Both are cute nonetheless.

  9. Hahahaha…This made me laugh so hard…I love puppies and cute modded girls. 😀

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