Don’t Be Afraid To Look At Me

Why so sad, zombie geisha? Is it because your tear ducts are all gummed up with blood? Because your face is looking a little torn-up? Maybe because you’re a zombie? Oh…it’s probably because you miss your old glasses, isn’t it? Yeah, you probably just miss your old glasses.

(This excellent zombie geisha is worn by pdxPIERCER and was done by Sam at Adorn East in Portland, Oregon.)

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18 thoughts on “Don’t Be Afraid To Look At Me

  1. this is on me…. i will post new pics in a few weeks…going to ass flowers and chopsticks to the hair…should turn out nice….healing well!!

  2. i mean ADD flowers…lol and by the way if anybody wants work done..and is in the area…i reallllllly recomend sam at adorn east! 5032326222

  3. lol, I love hard to spot Simpsons references. Bart probably misses his old glasses ;D

  4. She’s really beautiful, wow.

    But I also fail to see what makes her a geisha.

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