Risk Anything

Good afternoon, ModBloggers! Let’s start the week off with this calming, peaceful piece done in five-and-a-half straight hours by Joseph at Visual Orgasm in Rochor, Singapore. Anyone else feel like going back to sleep? No? Just me? Alright, alright.

10 thoughts on “Risk Anything

  1. risk everything, I say…
    what a wonderful and dreamy piece o’ ink!
    if I weren’t total insomnia, I’d have something more eloquent.
    nice. yep, that does it.

  2. slight retraction/edit. I didn’t really really notice the cherry blossoms. buddha wouldve been grand w/o such.

  3. im pretty sure the “detail on the side of the face” is flaking skin
    great piece though
    i would love to see it fully healed

  4. The white in this tattoo is beautifully done. And overall, it’s a gorgeous piece. The only thing that irks me is the dry skin (lotion is a great invention, friend).

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