Divided By Zero

What can we say? We love John Joyce (more). We love Jannell (more). You think we’re going to turn down the opportunity to post a shot of the latter sporting some wonderfully healing scarification work by the former? Of course not. Two great tastes that taste great together, indeed.

15 thoughts on “Divided By Zero

  1. this is beautiful!!! i love how the scarring goes so well with what can see of the backpiece. (well, i hope its a backpiece). wow, i’m blown away, gorgeous!

  2. Wow, these scars look amazing, especially with her skin tone. I adore all these scarification/skin removal pieces being posted lately.

  3. That is just paint on her back. She had driven direct from work the night before(late) to my house then we went to Scarab Body Arts. Directly behind John taking this picture is me bleeding from the mouth cause he had just split my tongue, haha.

  4. Cool, I think this is the first photo I’ve seen of artistic scarification on someone who scars like me (i.e. scars become more darkly pigmented instead of staying white)

  5. That is some of the prettiest scarification i’ve seen..
    I think the placement is really nice.

  6. I just had an entirely inappropriate response to this. J – don’t make me come up there and FIND you. DO you kiss girls?

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