The Bearing is Pain

Is it just me, or do these top o’ the breast microdermal stars by Damien Caskey at Los Angeles’s RicRoks Tattoos seem vaguely reminiscent of the type of projects done by Sean Dowdell and crew? Not to suggest at all that Caskey is copying them or anything of the sort—I mean it as an observation of how microdermals really seem to be increasingly worn in an almost “fashion-y” kind of way. I’m a big fan of these kinds of microdermal project, so whether they’re becoming “mainstream” or not, I know I’d like to see more of them. And hey, there’s another photo after the jump! What a country.

52 thoughts on “The Bearing is Pain

  1. first off, they look great….

    secondly, i agree with ya…. i guess people find out that microdermals less painfull than ‘normal’ piercings, and somehow they seem more acceptable… if that makes any sense…. plus, they are easier to make a design like the one above….

    i’m talkin out my ass again… i’ll leave…

  2. they’re only less painful because there’s no afterburn like with most piercings. it’s like gettin holepunched!

    i think they’re more acceptable ’cause people aren’t sure what they are yet. anyone i’ve showed have looked at me like i’m nuts once i explained what it actually was. and my mother would react alot more strongly to a microdermal than another piercing!

  3. I find it funny and a little ironic that mainstream society seems to be accepting something that was considered experimental and dangerous not too long ago even in the piercing community…

    Not saying this never happens – I know it isn’t exactly rare – I just find it funny every time.

  4. I think it’s because you don’t see where it goes in and comes out. To someone not in the know, it’s something on the skin rather than it it, which is apparently less icky.

  5. oh holy god that will SNAG i have one at the base of my neck and that gives me enough jip as it is :s i worry about the logevity of microdermals. I absolutely adore mine and want more but already have issues making sure it’s clean and not building up gunk behind it…

  6. I don’t really have any feelings either way for the project.. but I do feel that the pictures are unnecessarily trashy, I mean, unless there are more ‘arty’ ones or whatever where the stars are actually visible straight on or something, in the set.. really, underwear, heels and a baseball hat? oh well.

  7. My two sternum microdermals give me enough trouble during sex, I can’t imagine these being very convenient :/

  8. i listened in on a conversation between two teenage girls at Chapters the other day, they were talking about getting microdermals….of course they didn’t use the word because they had no idea what the fuck they were called, and they wanted chinese symbols tattooed on them…lol…ya, microdermals are definitely mainstream.

    and this girl is gross

  9. I’ve had a microdermal on my sternum for almost two years now, and let me tell you, I still get some horrified and disgusted looks when I explain what it is and the procedure. It was much worse two years ago, when I got stopped and questioned in just about every store and even restaurant I went in, but it’s still nowhere near “mainstream” here in Florida. I will add that no one has ever been directly offensive about it to me, though of the people who have expressed interest/a desire to get one, only two have ever known what they were even called. I think that with the internet, the body mod culture begins to feel like a smaller and more accepted place than it may actually be.

    That said, I’m not a fan in the slightest about this project, and feel in general that microdermal/surface piercing “projects” look cluttered and unappealing.

  10. hahaha those shorts are like the least classy shorts I have ever seen.

    As for the microdermals they look sweet, but good god damn I can’t imagine how incredibly annoying they must be. I had just too surface bars in my chest and they got caught on everything!

  11. i agree with #13.
    these pictures would have been better with someone who doesn’t look like they just hopped off the pole, payed some dirty trucker in a blowjob to drive her back to her trailer where someone decided to pierce her and take some pictures.

    but hey, i’m all for making this mainstream and whatnot. but this picture looks like it’s trying to make microdermals trendy more than anything.

  12. these pictures would have been better with someone who doesn’t look like they just hopped off the pole, payed some dirty trucker in a blowjob to drive her back to her trailer where someone decided to pierce her and take some pictures.


    hahaha. this describes the picture PERFECTLY!

  13. i really, really hate microdermals now. i’ve had a total of 7 done on my chest (different placements at different times. i’ve had all of them removed) and they would get caught on everything. the placement of these is terrible. good luck wearing bras, tank tops, bikini tops and seat belts. but then again, with a girl this classy i don’t think she needs to worry about wearing clothes…just stripper shoes.

  14. re:22… surely those are underwear and not actually shorts? or at least I hope they aren’t shorts! lol (((also yeah those are gonna be sooo annoying in everyday)))

  15. @Marla – those tramp stamps/awful smudgy blurry tattoos are the first things I noticed. None of this girl’s mods are particularly impressive, just like her :]

  16. hmmmm insert vice magazine quote here. hell, those guys are so on the fence i couldn’t tell if this is a do or a don’t. regardless what she is wearing that has nothing to do with mods. i think the project is quite interesting. actually, i take that back, i think in the right dress they would look spectacular. and remember kids, fashon before function.

  17. From seeing the overall look of her I would expect to see her bending over the hood of a lowrider or riced up import car advertising for chromed rims or custom parts on the back of an aftermarket car magazine. Not my type of girl, but I could see her making a career of that – or there’s always working the pole – but around here she would be too classy looking for that.

  18. and where is this photo taken at, it looks like she is possibly laying on an exam table.

  19. Mixed opinions on my part. I love the concept but it does seem a little cluttered or something. From the first picture I couldnt make out that it was stars… Maybe if they were placed a little closer together. Id love to see something like this done with skindivers.

  20. i love that you’re all calling this girl trashy because of what she’s wearing, yet you’d all be the first people to cry out if someone judged you for having tattoos or piercings.
    she’s wearing what she wants to wear, being who she wants to be, she’s allowed her freedom of expression too without judgment just like you all are

    i do like the mircodermals thou they’re pretty. ok not too practical but pretty :)

  21. Update: These are nearly three months old and doing great thus far. No major snags or catches on anything. We’ll see what the future holds for them, but so far so good.

    As for her image, meh, to each there own.

  22. So she doesnt want anyone to touch her boobs just look at them ?

    Seems odd to me, not sure why you would want to turn your boobs into something you cant play with(or your partner)

    Not a fan sorry, as a person with microdermals i know how much that would hinder your every day life….living with that sought of mod would possibly be one of the hardest ive seen in awhile.

  23. As much as i loved the one microdermal i had in my chest, after two years of being super careful im glad its gone! Cant imagine how annoying so many in one spot would be!

  24. esmeray, comment 14: how many times are you going to critique the style and physical representation of the subject before you actually mention their goddamn modifications?

  25. back to the topic of microdermals becoming mainstream… i just wanted to have a bitch as i walked into my piercing place in QLD australia the other week to enquire about the sort of price range/ aftercare/ longevity for microdermals and was told by the owner’s son that he had NO idea what i was talking about. so i started to explain what a microdermal was and he cut me off mid-sentence and said “i KNOW what it is, you’re talking about a dermal anchor” really rudely like i was some teeny bopper asking for a tongue ‘ring’ or something. correct me if i’m wrong but i was pretty DAMN sure that there are some significant differences between a microdermal and a dermal anchor, and for this kid to cut me off mid-explanation and then proceed to tell me that microdermals are a totally removable piercing with no additional care requirements was appalling.

    honestly, its ignorant fucks like that who make it harder for young people to get into modification.

  26. re:46.. prreeetty sure I said that they’ll be annoying to heal, and that I’m indifferent to the piercings… but really now, remember this is modblog, since when is it important to comment on the actual ‘mod’?lol

  27. I find it strange that so many people find microdermals hinder them in everyday life. I never notice mine (I have 7, four in my stomach, three in my back)

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