Nothing Overlooked

Hey, that was an exciting-ish day, right? A Lionel tattoo, L’il Mister Strange, and a glorious running diary of one of those newfangled tattoo reality shows. Let’s wind down with this beautiful scarification project composed of Hindu iconography—Trishula, Om and Swastika. Two months into the healing process, these pieces were done by Dimitri working out of Officina in Milano, Italy. Between the precision of the design and the evenness of the way they’re healing, this is shaping up to be a truly gorgeous piece. Sleep on that, ModBloggers. We’ll see you tomorrow.

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9 thoughts on “Nothing Overlooked

  1. ooooo i love this!
    i would totally get scarification if i knew it would turn out this way :)
    hardly ever seen even keloiding (word?) but it looks gorgeous so far.. would love to see it in a few more months

  2. That healed up perfect! I love how uniformly raised it is. Very pretty subject matter as well.

  3. wonderful scar work, very well done.not too light, not too deep or blown-out.

    that said,
    FUCK the swastika

    PS: nothing against the wearer, or the artist…

  4. @7: actually, the swastika is a hindu symbol that hitler stole and reversed. so there’s no hate going on.

    i wish my scar raised as perfectly as that. jeeeaaallouuussss

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