Punch Through the Sphere

Not everybody is a fan of the work Lionel from Out of Step does, and understandably so. Much of what he does runs counter to many tattooing traditions, with a huge emphasis on embracing negative space, rather than filling up pieces with as much ink as possible. This above piece is less a tattoo and more a performance; it looks to me like the lines don’t actually go all the way around various body parts, so outside of this pose, she likely just looks as if she’s sporting semi-randomly occurring scar-like lines. Maybe not for everybody, but this sure does it for me.

See the other side, after the jump.

53 thoughts on “Punch Through the Sphere

  1. interesting, linear., I’m curious to see her standing, however.
    looks like scarification, makes me think of that thing in the first resident evil that lopped off limbs?
    (sorry, it’s been a while)

    either way, it’s an interesting and refreshing bit o’ new ink.

  2. That tag made me LOL. It bothers me when people comment on a woman’s body instead of the mod. I think the tattoo is lovely/interesting and so is she!

  3. i’ve decided that i think this is really stunning!
    it took me a few looks to warm up to it… but now i’m really digging it!

    i, too, am really curious to see her standing, though.

  4. This idea is neat, I am not a fan of the other stuff tho. It looks more rushed than artistic imo

  5. I want to see one of her standing out. But I think it’s just really.. neat. It took me a while to get it, I just assumed it was string right away,

  6. yea i wanna see her standing with them big knockers hanging out, i hope the cut goes across the cleavage

  7. Eh.

    As much as I like minimalist designs, i think it would look wierd standing up.

  8. Brilliant ^__^

    It’s beautiful, original, contemporary, I would like to see more of these kind of things

  9. yep love it. also loving the out of step tattoos too. shame i can’t really afford to get to him to get one :( maybe i should make it a summer project one year

  10. i love lionel… it is about time someone steps outside of the tattoo convention.. and now onto scarification… *sigh* one day he will do my back piece… one day…..

  11. “First person to say “She needs a sandwich” gets banned”

    ahhaah it’s the first time I notice this tag :D

  12. I think that this piece works BECAUSE she’s so skinny
    It wouldn’t have the same effect if she wasn’t
    A shot of her back would be nice to see what it looks like

    “First person to say “She needs a sandwich” gets banned” lol
    just because she’s skinny doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with her
    Some people are just programmed that way :-)

  13. This is absolutely beautiful. I love he simplicity of the piece. Pretty much, it just put me at a loss for words when I saw this. I would have to say I’m jealous. haha

  14. When i first see i also thought it was a scar. I love the concept, im curious to see her standing too.

  15. Beautiful! She looks like a living doll, absolutely stunning. They do look a lot like scars, I can’t wait to see what they look like once they’ve healed. The creativitiy of people never fails to amaze me.

  16. i agree with #34 that her thin body compliments the whole piece. as with everyone else i am curious to see it out of the pose. she should really take some pictures in black and white and against a background.

  17. I’m very curious as to how she would react/respond when people ask her what it means.

  18. I really don’t want to see her standing, as I semi-suspect that she’ll fall into seperate sections if she moves! lol

    An awesome concept (though I imagine it will lose some of its initial intensity when healed).

  19. are you people on bad drugs or art uneducated, you have no concept of negative and positive orientation. It truly amazes me of the # of sheep who contend to such hybridism. I couldn’t eat a sandwich after looking at that crap if her life depended on it. Think I will have a steak now if your lucky i will throw you a bone. don’t count on it my pup has better bite scars on his ass than any of these pieces of idiotic composition..

  20. To begin, it horrifies me to know that there are people on this planet that can look at this image and see beauty in it. wheres the beauty? Wheres the art? Wheres the beef? Lines drilled into skin like razor cuts is not art. Anybody could have done this. To come up with an idea like this is not talent, it’s not creative, it’s ridiculous. It made me think of a punk rocker that cuts herself for attention. To see so many band wagon jumpers give praise to this garbage sickens me. Art isnt just something that makes you think. Dont waste the sandwich on her, shes already obviously starving for brain matter to have lines carved into her that symbolize nothing, represent nothing, and can only be recognized if she remains in the fetal position. But her hair color is really cool. Whatever.

  21. A bunch of weak wankers to remove real comments from the page. If you only wanted praise and thumbs up you should have never posted this garbage to be judged and seen by anybody. Controversial stuff is what it is. some will like it and some wont. If your not prepared to hear from both sides of the coin then keep your art to yourself and make sure only your mother and best girl tell you how great you are. Cheers

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