Strangling Kings

Boy howdy, time for lunch already, ModBlog? Well, I don’t know about you, but I am downright famished. Now, let’s see what’s in the ol’ lunchpail toda— oh. Oh. Well…well, that’s just not very appetizing at all, is it? And, really, it’s one thing to take a taste of your own supply, but this just does not seem like a sustainable munching endeavor. On the plus side, she, uh…she can just have some of what I’m having. Couldn’t eat another bite. Truly.

(Tattoo by Paco Dietz at Graven Image Tattoo [Ed. note: No shit.] in Mountain View, California.)

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40 thoughts on “Strangling Kings

  1. in love with the idea, and the intestines, just not the cartoony face or hands

  2. Well drawn and well executed design!
    The colors and shading are amazing, the position is perfect, and I love the cartoon style :-)
    I seriously can’t think of ANYTHING I DON’T like about this

  3. the tattoo is sooo nice and amazing. BUT wtf does it have to do with chuck palahniuk..?

  4. pretty little monster: I think the ref if from the Chuck book ‘Invisible Monsters’, which is a pretty good read, if you like that sort of thing.

    But the tattoo is rather rad as well. I love the face, even if its in two pieces :D

  5. I was actually referring more to the “Guts” chapter from Haunted (although said guts exited from the…other side in that story). That said, the Invisible Monsters connection works too!

  6. yep, definetly from “haunted”…changes yr mind about how to lose weight.

    amazingly, I’m not grossed out. I truly love this piece—original,well drawn.
    even the intestines have goo!
    (that wasn’t sarcasm)

    morbidly darling!

  7. I totally got the Chuck Palahniuk tag. Guts fucked me up for a while.

    but this was a totally mindfuck tattoo and i absolutely LOVE IT.

  8. I’m not hating, but I truly don’t understand the drive to get a tattoo like this. Is it the Palahniuk reference that I’m missing? I think I’m just missing something here?

    Remember: I’m NOT hating. In fact, I’m hoping someone might be able to explain it to me and maybe I could be as excited as everyone else posting!

  9. I LOVE this.
    Fuckin’ beautiful.

    @ 29, try not to feel too bad…I was eating a hotdog.

  10. “Women have their own ritual suicide, jigai. Here, the wife of Onodera Junai, one of the Forty-seven Ronin, prepares for her suicide; note the legs tied together, a female feature of seppuku to ensure a “decent” posture in death”

    Naughty girl didnt tie her legs together!

  11. Damn… awesome tattoo. I think it would also make an awesome Cannibal Corpse cover.

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