There Is No Crime To Dreams Like This

Well, this is a little easier to stomach than that last post, hmm? If my sources are trustworthy, that’d be Kallee up there, hanging out in scenic Fresno, California, wearing this beautifully executed corset project assembled by the mysterious “Dana.” Corset piercings are already, for my money, some of the most visually appealing modifications we run across with some regularity around these parts, but outfit-coordination like this? That takes finesse. Lovely work.

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12 thoughts on “There Is No Crime To Dreams Like This

  1. Corsets in a new fashion. beautiful. Would love to do something like this for a special occasion.

  2. that is easily one of my most favorite things ive seen on modblog in a loooooong time.

  3. I’d really like to see the rest of the tattoo.
    But the piercing is beautiful.

  4. That’s a great idea for a wedding dress! I LOve it it’s so pretty!

  5. I hope she wore that for her wedding and not just a photo. So awesome and beautiful.

  6. This is what I’ve been wanting for years for my wedding, if I ever get one. Its beautiful and to see it on someone else and looking so good just makes me want it even more

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