13 thoughts on “Your New Monday Night Plans

  1. For those of you keeping up to date with the big list of reasons why Northern Ireland is boring as all hell you may now add this to the list of one of the awesome things that happens no where near you,

  2. Booo to being so far away. Hopefully they’re able to get a decent DVD distribution deal or get some made that we can buy directly from them.

  3. Ugh, another event planned by the oppressive masters of the ’21+’ world. Bah! (Please note that this is just jealousy, movie looks sweet!)

  4. ace – Get a fake ID smart stuff
    The only people being ‘oppressed’ are the people who are too dumb to find ways around the rules :)

  5. Sailor Jerry Collins is my grandfather. My dad was from his 4th wive Aulani Jean Keala, he had one brother named Sammy from that union who died when he was 3. My father was put up for adoption in Honolulu when he was 11 months old in 1959. He wasnt reunited with his family until 1998 after an adoption specialist tracked down my dad’s side of the group.

    The real tragedy here, is that when Jerry died, his last wife (whom is still alive, and I know only as Tutu Lu, short for Grandma Louise) sold all of the rights to Ed Hardy for his artwork, including his shop for $3500. WOW right? The entire family, from his eldest daughter Meriel down to his youngest son David (my aunt and uncle) live in abject poverty while Ed Hardy remains a fat cat. All that remains of his legacy to his children is an ancient suitcase full of unpublished work and photographs that we all cling to.

    The makers contacted my Uncle Dave for films to go into this movie, and interviewed my Aunt Meriel as well. I am interested to see the film, and what it will entail for the family, the truthfulness etc.

    Just my two cents. I have been lurking on this blog for probably a year now, and I always feel the need to pipe up when it is something to do with my Grandad.

    Have a good day : )

  6. I believe the event is 21+ because it’s sponsored by Sailor Jerry Rum and there will probably be complimentary beverages. That’s just a guess though. If anyone comes out, I’ll see you there.

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