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Hello there, ModBloggers! On the off-chance you’re not outside enjoy this lovely weather, well, here’s the chilling, steely visage of Neil Patrick Harris to scare you off your computer. Just look at him! Those eyes are a window to a soul darker than midnight.

(Tattoo by Aaron Is at Studio XIII in Cocoa Beach, Florida, while at a convention in Augusta, Georgia.)

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37 thoughts on “Step Into My Web

  1. That’s apretty bad portrait tattoo. I thought it was supposed to be Sean Penn.

  2. meh it doesn’t look like him at all really, nice concept but not a great portrait.

  3. This is awful. Wtf is up with his fingers? This could have been so great except it’s not.

  4. I guessed it was Neil Patrick Harris before reading… So I suppose they achieved that…
    I love him, so I’m digging this from the get go.

  5. am i the only person who thinks NPH and Christopher Masterson (Francis from Malcolm in the Middle) look eerily similar???

  6. For those of you that like it; Thanks. This is on the outside of my right calf. For all you nay sayers; the tattoo looks spot on with the picture I gave Aaron Is and I fucking love it.

  7. while it may not look exactly like a person, i guessed who it was right off the bat. seriously, awesome. good job giottabearyook. good job.

  8. NPH is amazing. How I Met Your Mother is such a good guilty t.v pleasure; might I add.
    Pity that the tattoo isn’t AS amazing as it could have been. =[

  9. 17 – i totally agree and miss Malcom in the Middle so much!!! 🙁

    But yah NPH is great actor, the most chauvinistic gay man on television 🙂

  10. Awesome!!! I have been obsessed with NPH lately. I am thinking about getting NPH as my male tramp stamp… lmao I am straight but I think it would be hilarious to have done, not mention he is a pure badass in Escape from Guantanamo Bay!!! lol

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