Cold and Dry

Well, it’s not like sewing needed any more help to convince the general public of its bad-assery, but this old school/horror-themed sewing machine really does the trick anyway, doesn’t it? I’ll confess that my sewing skills are mediocre at best, but if I had this kind of ghastly machinery with which to work? Hell, I’d hem each and every one your pants, ModBloggers, just for the hell of it. No lie. After the jump, another sewing tattoo—both of which came from the same submission, might I add, but with nary a trace of artist information. Who are you, anonymous sewing fan? Feel free to reveal yourself, if you so please.

19 thoughts on “Cold and Dry

  1. What makes them even more awesome, is that the hand looks like it belongs to a man :p A grandad knitting mittens for grandchildren would totally pawn cookie-baking grandmum in my opinion <3.

  2. I’ve always wanted a sewing machine tattoo but I don’t think it could compare to this one’s spooky amazingness.

  3. so i guess im the only nay Sayer cause i dont like them at all.
    the second is okay, but i can hardly tell the first is even a sewing machine, i thought it was a fricken car at first

  4. Oh God, that’s just about what I’ve been thinking. Minus the bat and in pink color 😀

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