The Calm Brow

Guh, are we live? Can you hear me, ModBlog? Sorry about the radio silence since yesterday afternoon—a combination of Internet and computer problems at The Manor have hamstrung this operation we all enjoy so much. But…I think things are back in working order and we’ve moved beyond those aforementioned technical difficulties. And, hey, what better way to enter this brave new era of technological competence and reliability than with this beautiful, intricate cutting by the increasingly ubiquitous Wayde Dunn while working out of Infinite Body Piercing in tropical Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. And the cutting? Well, it’s on Burgh, who you may remember from spawning this murderous little darling. You want a shot of his face? Yeah, just poke around after the jump.

Welcome back, ModBloggers. What’s the point in ever being born again?

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10 thoughts on “The Calm Brow

  1. Ubiquitous is my favorite word.

    Thank you for using it, as it made my day. Nay, my week.

  2. Bootiful! But the cuts are soooo close together. Wonder how defined theyll be when its healed..

  3. I’m pretty sure I would give my left tit for wayde dunne to scar me. definitely would.

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