PromoBlog: Meg Is Coming To A City Near You (Hopefully)!


Hey folks! Friend and BME Roundtable contributor Meg is on the move! Yep, she’s packing up and leaving the dreary, wintry east coast for sunny California, and, as luck would have it, is going to be working along the way. She’s one hell of a piercer and scarification artist (See: the lily up top), so if you’re going to be in the same place as she is on the following dates, there’ll be no time like then to get some world-class work done:

Cincinnati, OH: June 19-21
Medina, OH: June 22-24
Philadelphia, PA: June 26-28 (at Infinite)

To book an appointment, message her on IAM or shoot her an e-mail HERE. Don’t miss out!

4 thoughts on “PromoBlog: Meg Is Coming To A City Near You (Hopefully)!

  1. thats awesome. i am def gonna see her while she’s in philly.

    wait so… is meg moving permanantly to cali?

  2. wonderful, graceful, subtle work.

    i wonder, did she use a dermal punch for the circles?
    what a great idea!

    are those legal yet? for that matter, are scalpels?

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