Settle on Your Skin

It really doesn’t get much dumber and more incompetent than, well, pretty much everything in this news post from earlier, am I right, folks? Let’s wrap things up today and wash the taste of idiocy and mediocrity away with this adorable couple from Moscow, Russia. Maybe there’s hope for this silly species yet. Another shot of the lovely pair, after the jump.

Have yourselves a good night, ModBloggers. Until tomorrow.

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29 thoughts on “Settle on Your Skin

  1. Makes me wish I was with my girl right now

    I want to be with her so bad

    It’s exactly like us but were at smaller gauges
    Gladly I guess???

    Makes hospital jobs alot easier though

    Sorry I’m rambling. I’m drunk. Like alot alot

  2. Why? WHY are all of these beautiful people in RUSSIA and not here in Michigan? It’s cold here too…come visit. Please?!

  3. aww this makes me miss my man :(((
    they are incredibly cute!!
    and she is teeny :) i’ll be there soon..

  4. Aw, they’re adorable!!! Makes me wish my boy had body mods (i still love him anyway though)

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