A Revealing Spear

Hey, it’s not a worm in the schnozz, but this cutting of a harp by young master Ryan Ouellette at Precision Body Arts in Nashua, New Hampshire, is one hell of a nice piece, is it not? The strings probably jump out initially, but man alive, the intricacy over on the right side? Outstanding work. Unless, of course, the wearer is 12 feet tall. In which case, you know, still very nice, but maybe a bit easier to pull off. Yeah, I’ll just show myself out.

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11 thoughts on “A Revealing Spear

  1. MadHatter: Depending on whether or not that was sarcastic, that was either awesome or it made you my mortal enemy.

  2. its a nice piece. I’m curious how the top portion is going to heal, whether the small intervals between the cuts will be pronounced or just blend together

  3. Is it just me or is it the wonderfully carved scar that I feel the need for a Guinness?

  4. This is my recent scarification and I was pretty psyched to see it got modblogged yesterday. Ryan did an awesome job and the healing’s going awesome. I’m just posting in response to trailerparkjesus’s question. Although the strips between the removal at the top look thin in the picture they’ve fleshed out significantly during the healing and are still very visible. Glad you guys dig the piece and thanks for the comments!

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