Never a Stab Nor Squirm

Sure, we’re all aware by now of the irrefutable fact that, over the course one’s life, the average person will eat several hundred thousand spiders, typically while sleeping, because spiders are nature’s pranksters. As Chuckie from Hungary up there illustrates, however, a lesser-known (but no less chilling) tidbit is that, on average of once a month, an earthworm crawls right up your damn nose. Chuckie’s stretched septum piercing confused this primitive monster from lodging itself in his brain, luckily, but most of us, sadly, will not be so fortunate.

43 thoughts on “Never a Stab Nor Squirm

  1. Hilarious and gross at the same time. I’m just imagining how that feels…I mean…worms even feel pretty uncomfortable in my hand…let alone in my nose haha.

  2. As many terrible and icky things as I’ve run across on ModBlog, I can honestly say this is the first thing that’s ever made me grossed out. I’ve never had a problem eating while reading before today. …Bleh.

    So bring on the crazy infected mods and the bleeding everywhere genital play, but apparently an earthworm is just too much for me.

  3. …I dunno, his ears look scary, his piercings don’t really look healthy…
    And there’s a worm through his septum…

  4. that’s all kinds of awesome, but his poor lips…. look so itchy and dry and infected :( owwwyy

  5. I dont even want to think about what worm slime feels like inside your nose. *cringe* Grossssss.

  6. for hell sake, leave the guy alone.
    all you have to do now is crucify him then put him to death with your comments.
    i think these plugs are way too big to put on, but that’s his choice.
    if he thinks these plugs suite him, so hell with everything.
    the worm idea = killer, creative and beautiful.
    stop being so judgmental,

  7. I think cheek piercings would be really hard to heal, especially if he’s got chubby squirrel cheeks. Poor guy.

    #4. Probably because he stuck a worm in it previous :P

  8. I really don’t understand the negativity…it’s much more disgusting than a fucking worm. He’s super hot..what the fuck is up with the hate?

  9. None of his piercings look very healthy.
    And what is he wearing in his lobes? Looks like rolls of tape.

    Apparently, all you need to do is something gross to be featured on ModBlog.

  10. Linda: You’re obviously right. If you look around ModBlog, the majority of the posts are all just folks doing gross stuff. That is literally all you need to do to get featured on here. Obviously.

  11. Well, Jordan, I thought that modblog was about healthy, original, quality mods.
    But I guess I was mistaken then.

  12. A small reminder of why stretched piercings are so ridiculously fun.

    Anyone with a large gauge septum sees everything as ‘”could” or “couldn’t” fit through my septum.’

  13. Please tell me that is a damn lie about worms crawling up your nose! I loathe worms. I think this guy is super cute but I gagged at that worm. Even tho it looks rubber.

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