That Whooshing Sound

So as you’re all probably aware, since it was so important that it was broadcast into space for all to see, the esteemed President Bad-Ass murdered a fly yesterday, as it was buzzing around and bothering him during an important television interview. Luckily, Press Secretary Robert Gibbs was on hand to stomp the little bastard into oblivion afterward, just to make sure any weaponry or eggs or whatever were summarily destroyed, as you can see above. This is by far the greatest perk of being the Commander-in-Chief.

(Ha ha, we’re kidding! This is just a harmless tattoo, done on some non-governmental chap’s foot by Arthur Rose in Savanna, Illinois.)

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10 thoughts on “That Whooshing Sound

  1. rofl @ “President Bad-Ass”
    yeah, i’d say that did have to hurt quite a lot

  2. other than the fact that insects don’t have red blood(with the exception of midge larvae), this is great :)

  3. i want to get a tattoo on my foot in the same spot as this, will it last long? hurt? be hard to walk on? etc…

  4. I like it but, I don’t think I could stand a tattoo needle in the bottom of my foot. I’m super ticklish… ;)

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