Evil Urges

You know, when you’re a frequent reader of BME or any other body modification resource or otherwise immersed in body modification, it can sometimes be easy to become jaded and unnecessarily critical of work that doesn’t really deserve it. You look at this piece and maybe you think it’s a bit corny or trite, but the fact remains, as far as tattoo work goes? The script is great, the drop-shadow is executed damn near perfectly, and the microphone is about as well rendered as you could ask for. And, hey, the sentiment isn’t half-bad, either. A little simplicity goes a long way sometimes. And on that note, ModBloggers, we’ll see you tomorrow, provided you’re not on one big holiday.

(Tattoo by Roman at Rock N Ink in Cracow, Poland.)

12 thoughts on “Evil Urges

  1. Oh man do I love me a good Shure 55SH, and a satanic one at that! Oh BME, exploiting my weakness for pro audio equipment, bastards. This is a great tattoo though, and the detail is almost flawless, even has the exact number of vents on it, good shit.

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