Full Coverage: Links From All Over (June 19, 2009)

[Animal NY] Hoo boy, is this not just the most irritating story ever or what? OK, so, as we (and everybody) mentioned previously, 18-year-old Kimberley Vlaeminck allegedly went to Romanian tattoo artist Rouslan Toumaniantz and ended up with 56 stars tattooed all over her face. She claims she only asked for three and then fell asleep, which is just a preposterously stupid lie, while Toumaniantz says that she knew full well what was happening and only freaked out once her father or boyfriend or whoever lost their respective shit. Now she is suing the tattoo artist, because she wants the stars removed, of course. Is your brain leaking out of your ears yet? Mine is!

Anyway, my initial response to this mess of foolishness was that it was a hoax, because, come on: Nobody involved in this situation could be deranged/myopic enough for any of this to be real, right? Well, Toumaniantz is apparently a member over at BodyMod.org and posted this response, saying he did, in fact, tattoo this crazy person. Hooray.

Then, the girl said she felt asleep during the tattoo session. But :

1) Tattoo hurts,
2) Tattoo hurts more on face than on most other places,
3) Tattoo hurts even more on the nose than on the face,
4) Apart from the pain factor, the emotional impact of a first tattoo is huge, which makes it even less likely to sleep during such a session,
5) During this tattoo I had to ask Kimberley to change quite often her position, because the face isn’t flat and you need to always adjust the persons position and yours to be able to tattoo,
6) Kimberley did stand up many times during the session and did check up the work in a mirror,
7) We spoke during a part of the session,
8) The call log of her mobile phone and SMS activity could easily show that from the start of the session to its end she wasn’t sleeping,
9) And most importantly, a witness, being totally independent from both sides saw all the session from its start to the end, and confirms every word above. Kortrijk police made an inquiry, and both of us (me and the witness) were conducted shortly after Kimberley tattoo was finished to the police station, and both of us said exactly what did happen, and therefore gave exactly the same version of the events. Copies of minutes (in Flemish) we can provide.

So Kimberly was absolutely aware of what was happening during all the tattoo session and got what she asked, no more no less.

So that’s the end of it, right? Poor judgment on his part for tattooing an unstable teenager’s face, maybe, but she’s still a dirty rotten liar…right? Well, except for the fact that there is now some dumb Internet toy called The Kimberlizer, which allows people to decorate photos of themselves with the same star pattern as our young heroine, and…you see where this is going, don’t you? From Animal NY:

Among the few media outlets to interview the starlet is Belgian radio station MNM, who’s advertising agency, Famous, is behind the Kimberlizer. A French newspaper says the website, which allows visitors to digitally place 56 stars on their face via webcam, was opened in April, well before the story happened. Additionally, theorists point out that MNM’s logo is a star, just like the ones covering Kimberley Vlaeminck.

In conclusion, no matter what the truth ends up being, there will almost surely not be a more aggravating tattoo-related story all year. BME extends hearty congratulations to everybody involved. Let’s all take turns punching each other in the brains, forever.

[CBS 42] At last, our long national nightmare is over! Megan Fox, the most famous tattooed person since, I don’t know, the Memento guy, has decided to heed her mother’s advice and stop mucking up her body with the devil’s ink. Let us pray.

Fox recently announced plans to cover her entire right arm with ink – but she’s now backed out of the scheme insisting she won’t be heading to the tattoo parlor again any time soon.

She says, “They’re definitely addictive. I don’t have any that I truly regret yet, but I’m sure I will at some point.”

“I’m trying to refrain from going forward for that reason. I don’t want to be 40, looking at my arm in the mirror and going, ‘Oh my God – what did I do?’”

In exchange for this promise, Fox’s mom will now let her wear make-up to school and have sleepovers every Saturday night.

[Vancouver Sun] And finally, let’s finish this wretchedly awful news week with reports that yet another Canadian tattoo and piercing shop is giving all of its customers HIV and every type of hepatitis, except this time it’s not just a matter of lazy paperwork: The clown at the centre of this story is “Zipp,” the proprietor of Edmonton, Alberta’s Zipp’s Tattoo and Museum, who, well…

On a spur-of-the-moment whim and fuelled with a bit of liquid courage, Corinda got a tattoo of a Playboy bunny on her left hip two months ago.

Now, the 26-year-old is stepping forward to be tested for HIV and hepatitis B and C after the health authority closed Zipp’s Tattoo and Museum shop at Whyte Avenue and 100th Street because of unsanitary practices and sterilization concerns over reusable piercing and tattooing equipment.

The owner told health inspectors he had been recently tattooing animals in his studio, but denied tattooing people.

The health authority is now asking people to come forward for testing.

Hey, come on! The guy is just trying to run your average illegal animal-tattooing dungeon. What’s the big deal? Prudes.

Charges are being considered by the health authority since Zipp’s –in business at another Whyte Avenue location since 1978–was also closed in 2007 because of unsanitary conditions and infection control. At that time, the health inspector said the risk of contracting blood-borne pathogens was considered low because the proprietor used single-use, disposable needles.


Health inspectors closed the tattoo parlour June 5 after noting the owner didn’t wash his hands before performing procedures and didn’t wear gloves.

Dirty and unsterile instruments were being used on clients, and the ultrasonic cleaning device was not being operated in a sanitary way. Ink went unlabelled and instruments, including needles, were improperly stored and handled.

In all fairness, the child laborers Zipp had “hired” to oversee the cleanliness of the shop totally dropped the ball. “Wah, my fingers hurt, wah, I’m hungry,” they would cry, long into the night, while Zipp tattooed pig after pig, laughing his terrible laugh, the end.

40 thoughts on “Full Coverage: Links From All Over (June 19, 2009)

  1. hope this nightmare is forgotten quickly , and people start trusting their artist a little bit more , instead of believing this stroy ….

  2. Oh my fucking god.

    They had this on my news yesterday.

    possibly one of the most stupid things ever, that made me slap my face.

  3. oh stupid people .. can’t live with them .. can’t set them on fire. what to do? …

  4. She also said she passed out because of the pain in a later intervieuw.
    Personally I think it’s a hoax, at least i hope it’s one 😛

    ps. The Kimberlyser is awesome

  5. Olá pessoas do ModBlog,

    Aqui no Brasil essa notícia teve circulação em diversas mídias digitais. A meu ver, soou como uma espécie de espetacularização do exótico. Temos o infeliz costume (como em todas as partes do mundo) de praticarmos um etnocentrismo desmedido e pouco saudável, muito embora se diga que no Brasil os preconceitos e as diferenças são bastante diluídas e não afetam as relações sociais.

    Infelizmente ainda temos, aqui no Brasil, bastante preconceito e certo grau de intolerância com tatuagens ditas ‘fora do padrão de normalidade’, bem como com qualquer outro tipo de modificação corporal que não sejam próteses de silicone (nos peitos)!


    Bruno Luedy

  6. I took a girlfriend of mine to get a fairly large tatoo on her back a few years ago and to my surprise she kept falling asleep…it does happen. That’s not me saying that she’s not lying, just that it is possible for some people to actually fall asleep during a session

  7. um…. easy solution: get her release form. shouldn’t it have even a vague description of what she was getting? even if it was 3 or 56 fucking stars on her face, either of which cant be all that common REGARDLESS of where you work, there should be some mention of that on the release. am i wrong? is it just naive of me to believe that? oh well.

  8. “In exchange for this promise, Fox’s mom will now let her wear make-up to school and have sleepovers every Saturday night.”


  9. I don’t think she fell asleep, because you don’t do that because the adralin (spell?)… I have one tattoo and that’s on the arm, and that what’s a fucking adralin kick, and fell a sleep when she tattooed her face a fist tattoo? I dont think that!

  10. That chick with all the stars is only 18??? She looks pretty haggard for a teenager.

  11. Now I could fall asleep while getting a tattoo on my back or some other areas (came very close when getting one on my shoulder) but the face? No way is that going to happen.

  12. It’s been said before, but this whole thing is rediculous. Surely the consent/release form would indeed have a vague description,and I’m assuming the tattoo was transferred onto her face before actually tattooed? and surely she’d of agreed to the transfer placement before any ink was transferred onto her face?? And why would you allow the tattooist to take a picture of your face with the stars if you weren’t entirely happy with it,and wanted to take him to court as soon as you realised he’d given you 53 extra stars? this girl is so misguided. And as much as it pains me to see this is going to be in the news for awhile, I’m kind of glad shes the laughing stock of the world at the moment as it should discourage silly money grabbing people. I think it is a case of her parents/relatives/boyfriend etc freaking out when they saw it, too bad, you picked it, you can’t un-pick it! I think it’s slightly bad judgement of the tattooist to ink that much work on and eighteen year old’s face, especially as I’ve heard it was her first tattoo? (don’t know how accurate that is though).However, she is a consenting adult, and it is not in any means illegal what he has done, so I do wonder how she’s going to pay for all the laser removal of the stars….

  13. if Kimberley is not of sound mind then i truely feel sorry for her. it does raise a good point that the artist really should profile their clients, not only for this type of action but to be sure the client is acting on their best interest. just by example if a client came to me and wanted their first tattoo on their face i would definately refuse. i congradulate megan fox, as addictive as they are it takes a lot of strength to not get a tattoo. jordan, are you suggesting not to get pierced or tattood in canada?

  14. I was going to say, it looks like she got a 3 made of stars on her face.

    So #17, I agree with you! lol

  15. Argh, everytime I see the story about the star tattoos on the girls face I just want to punch my computer screen.

  16. #17 yeah i see it now… thats true

    but for real when are we gonna stop givign her the attention she craves so much with makign up such a stupid lie and simply adding even more stigma to the tattoo world…steups

    if you live with mommy and daddy and u gonna go fuck over ya face with a tattoo they not going to like.. maybe u should inform them on ya actions b4 you do ti and have to come up with stupid crap like that

  17. 1: I think Kimberley is a foolish 18 year old for wanting a horrible star pattern all over her face…ear…and nose…..FOR HER FIRST TATTOO….

    2: I think the tattoo artist is FOOLISH for tattooing 56 stars all over a (18 yearsolds face…nose…and ear)….as her first tattoo….

  18. I’ve never heard of Zipp’s, and I live in Edmonton around the Whyte Avenue area — hell, I worked on Whyte for a while. Huh. Weird.

    I don’t agree with the “Yet another Canadian shop…” phrasing, because all of the places I’ve been to in Edmonton and in other cities have been clean, safe, and kept their paper-work in order.

    I’m sure there’s more than a couple gross, shitty shops in the US as well. Don’t single us out.

  19. Just for info…
    The medic that eximine her for the tribunal says the needle hit the bone in many places and she probably passed out during the tattoo stuff.
    And the supposed “independant” eyewitness is finaly not so independant… lots of friends of mine will probably tell anybody they don’t know me and all what I previousely said is 100% true.

    Anyway, it should be fobiden to tattoo face of someone so “young” with no strong motivation (do you know many teenager who’ll choose a full facial as 1st tattoo ? Com’on…).
    I know a lot of tattoo artist in belgium that refuse to tatoo you the first time you come in their studio (at least for visible tattoo).

    Ho, just my 2 cents… the moron who did the tattoo didn’t urdenstand her very well because he doesn’t speak french so well… strange… on many belgian tattoo forum he speak french as it was his mother tongue !

  20. @ Argax: Belgian news reported he just moved from Paris so it’s not weird he speaks french that well.

    Anyhew. In an interview -when she tought cameras were off- she said she liked it.

    Oh and…it’s scandalous that 3 belgian hospitals already offered to do the removal for free.

  21. news just came in she commited she was lying , and only made the story up because of here furious dad ….

  22. @ Argax; the girl spoke French rather poorly, since the official language is Dutch in that region of Belgium.

    But like vini said, the Belgian news just said the girl finally admitted that she has been lying the entire time, because her daddy refused to pay the bill for the tattoo because he didn’t like it.

    Also when the girl went to get the tattoo, her father was with her and he gave his ok to the artist for a facial tattoo… only the father didn’t realise his daughter had set her mind on 56. It was even the fathers idea to let his daughter have a facial tattoo. She liked to draw stars on her face and so the dad asked her if she wanted those stars as a tattoo. (I’m not making this up) So it’s not a complete misjudgement on the part of the artist.

  23. Yeah she’s clearly lying her ass off, but what kind of tattoo artist would agree to do an 18-year-old’s first tattoo ALL OVER HER FACE?!

  24. I like this girl, both with or without stars !

    I absolutely support this girl opinion.

    However she has done a good thing, and she was adn is right.

    F. o. the tattoist, and I think he’s a lot of ….

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