Still Life in the Scenery

This hellhole of a week is finally wrapping up, folks—we can forget all about goons with faces covered in stars, several thousand straight days of rain and whatever else was contributing to our collective misery the past five days and just enjoy the sun as summer rolls into town (for real, hopefully). And hey, as long as our mood is changing for the better, why not keep the good times coming with the heart-stompingly adorable show_pony37, showing off her DIY split tongue. What’s not to like?

27 thoughts on “Still Life in the Scenery

  1. DIY TONGUE SPLITTING?!?!?! shes got some balls…and shes a hottie…

  2. I think it’s really interesting how many people without any, or many facial modifications have their tongue split. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, I think it’s kinda cool.

  3. Wow she is fucking gorgeous. I would totally date this girl.
    The tongue splitting, which I usually am not such a fan of, actually looks great on her too. She has guts.

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