Full Coverage: Links From All Over (June 22, 2009)

[Telegraph] Holy shit, you guys! It happened, it finally happened! Our long, national nightmare is finally over! After a solid week of mind-numbing idiocy and hilariously poorly thought out lies, one of the great dumb stories of our time has reached its logical conclusion. Are you ready for this, folks? Get a beverage, find a comfortable seat and let the warm sunshine wash over you as we collectively revel in what we can only imagine will be the last we hear of this foolishness, at least until Chuckles over there gets cast on Big Brother UK or something. Anyway, that whole canard about falling asleep in the chair at the tattoo shop? LIES, LIES, BALD-FACED LIES.

Kimberley Vlaminck had insisted she dozed off after asking the tattooist for just three small stars – then woke in horror to find her face was covered.


Amid a frenzy of media attention, she then pledged to sue the tattoo artist, Rouslan Toumaniantz, for the £9,000 she needed for laser surgery to have them removed.

She said after the tattooing last week: “It is terrible for me. I cannot go out on to the street. I look like a freak.”

But the 18-year-old has finally confessed she did not fall asleep, that she wanted all the stars and was “fully aware” of what Mr Toumaniantz was doing.

Ms Vlaminck told a Dutch TV crew: “I asked for 56 stars and initially adored them. But when my father saw them, he was furious. So I said I fell asleep and the tattooist made a mistake.”

And so ends the ignominious tale of a common boob. As mentioned above, though, if history has taught us anything, she will be back, probably on a reality program, or getting punched in the face by a big foam fist on some Japanese-style game show. We can only hope.

[Edmonton Sun] Last week, we mentioned the story of Zipp’s Tattoo and Museum, the Edmonton, Alberta, tattoo shop that has been shuttered for, among other reasons, miserably failing to meet basic standards of cleanliness, evidenced by the fact that this goon was tattooing animals in the same place as humans. This is typically frowned upon. Luckily, it seems like some good might come out of this! Mike Francis, owner of Little Buddha Tattoo & Piercings, is now trying to mobilize artists and shop owners in the area to be as public and forthcoming as possible with regard to their commitment to meeting safety standards.

[Francis] started a Facebook group for local studios to post spore test results of sterilization machines, inspection dates and other sanitation information for potential clients to check out while researching studios.

Francis, who laments the lack of licensing in the industry, said he’s intended to create the group for awhile, but the recent scare at Zipp’s Tattoo & Museum was “the final straw.”


The closure has been an embarrassment to reputable studios in the city, Francis said.

“What I’m hoping (the Facebook group) is going to do is people are going to investigate their tattoo studios around the city,” he said. “I don’t care if it’s me or (another studio), at least you’ll be able to go through it and see we do a regular spore test.”

While his studio hasn’t felt any economic impact from the incident yet, clients are clearly unsettled.

“My first appointment today was at 12 p.m. and the first thing out of his mouth was, ‘You’re using clean needles, right?’” he recalled.

In the description of the group, Sterile Tattoo & Piercing Studios In and Around Edmonton, he wrote, “As a studio owner, let’s try to change what others have destroyed.”

Well hey, this is a solid idea! Now, some may feel it’s an invasion of sorts and that this sort of disclosure may lead to a situation where individuals and shops are put into a position to preemptively prove their innocence rather than defend themselves against accusations of guilt, but it’s still hard to not see these sorts of actions as promising steps toward further acceptance in the public eye. Jason McDonald, the environmental public health officer who pulled the plug on Zipp’s, has the money quote at the end of the article: “There are roughly 50 studios in the Edmonton area and they’re generally in compliance and doing a good thing. I would get a tattoo in any of the studios open today. That’s the key message: this is a safe industry.”

[His Hair Clinic] And finally, some more good news. (Though this may be old news and simply news to me. News, news. News.) Apparently, tattoos are no longer just something you wake up with on your face after falling asleep in sundry locales, but they can also do some good if used properly! Like, say, the folks at His Hair Clinic are doing—now, grown men needn’t any longer face the gross indignity of receding hairlines! As you can see, the cosmetic scientists at work here simply give you a close noggin shave, then tattoo a realistic-looking hairline, giving you the hirsute appearance you crave. On the downside, due to these facial/head tattoos, these gentlemen will never be able to get jobs again. Sad.

47 thoughts on “Full Coverage: Links From All Over (June 22, 2009)

  1. But of course, the news channels aren’t going to run the fact that she lied. So the common person (see: sheep) is going to go on remembering that story as a horrific tattoo story.

  2. I agree with #1, everyone’s just going to remember that “scary” tattoo guy who tattooed that “poor girl” and now she can never get a “real” job.

    I hope the shop & tattoo artist didn’t lose too much business due to her lies!

  3. Shit. If I were into the idea of frivolous lawsuits, I’d say the shop should find a reason to file something against that bitch.

    But that won’t happen, nor should it.
    Just an imaginary ho ho ho story.

  4. #4 – SLANDER! i’m sure she scared off a few people with this whole “case” of bullshit. or at least, that’d be my claim haha.

  5. nice hair! so subtle from far it looks pretty real. maybe they can shadow in some abs on my tummy!

  6. this stupid, selfish little girl has fucked over that guy’s reputation as a tattooist and reinforced the fact that people with visible facial tattoos/large gauge facial piercings are ‘freaks’. fucking hell. just cause she thought it would be cool to get a bunch of ugly stars on her face and lie to daddy about it. i seriously could just stomp her face in!

  7. i dont know why she lied some stars look a bit suss, i suspect thats the angle and low quality shot, but she looks quite pretty. If this was a movie she go work for the tattooist and they’d all live happerly ever after.

  8. Was just shown on australian TV that she lied, they said the tattoo artist told the truth and she just made up a story :)

  9. 1 + 3: nah, I don’t think so. Everyone, including people who know nothing about tattoos, was calling bullshit on this one.

    Even in the comments on the Daily Mail article – http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/worldnews/article-1193384/What-did-expect-Incredible-face-revealed-man-tattooed-girl-56-stars-asked-three.html – nobody’s taking her seriously – and anyone who lives in England will know that Daily Mail readers aren’t exactly a tattoo-loving demographic.

  10. (In fact, I think the headline says it all about the attitude of that newspaper – “What did she expect? Incredible face revealed of the man who tattooed girl with 56 stars when she only asked for 3″ – because *obviously* anyone with so much facial ink and piercings is going to nonconsensually tattoo children at any opportunity)

  11. That was the lie I thought she was telling all along. Shame on that girl… >_<

    About the hair: but that means they have to shave their head constantly, or it will be quite visible it ain’t hair, right?

  12. “Mr Toumanaintz … said from now on he will get written consent from clients before he begins tattooing.”
    The fact that he didn’t get written consent before bothers me to the utmost extent. I feel like written consent should be standard procedure for ALL piercers and tattoo artists. It’s good that he’s getting everything in writing now, but it’s sad that it took an event of this scale to force him to do so.
    Hell, all of this could have been avoided if he’d had the papers to show her consent when the media tried to eat him alive because of Kimberley’s lies.

  13. I still feel sorry for her. Hey, she is just an 18 years old child who lives with her parents and like many of us likes tattoos and wanted to do something cool for whatever reason. She actually wanted the tattoo herself and initially liked the appearance. Yes she lied, but that was only after she was confronted with the shocked reactions from her family. The intense reaction by her family is quite understandable, and I can also understand why she felt pressed at that moment to make up a story: again, she is only 18 and it is hard to stand up against angry parents and moreover, by own experience, also the condition of being confronted by the reactions of friends and family to a facial modification for the first time is quite intense. My guess is that the action getting everything in publicity seems to have originated largely from her uncle: he has been in the news a lot who apparently has been very has been very aggressive toward the tattooist as well. Giving it publicity and claiming the tattooist guilt would have been a very strong action if it would not have been based on a lie by self-defense from an 18-yeared old, however it would be better for him to pull back now. Any further aggression would only do more harm to the girl.

    As for the girl I think that after the public attention she received (which must also have been very stressful for her, since she knew that it was all based on a lie from her side and probably didn’t dare to come out with the truth towards her family), the best thing to do is to publicly say sorry to the tattooist through the media. The press should say sorry to her; after all they made several news items about her, making money out of the overly indulgent public, probably being somewhat aware of the secret behind it and not worrying too much about the mental stress that it would cause her. The tattooist might be in his right, but should also understand the risk he takes by such an action. He could have restricted the girl to only start with 3 stars, not a half face at once on an 18 years girl.

    As for the stars as such, I don’t dislike them. The tattoo has gotten a lot of publicity already in the media, everybody in her country knows about them. It could actually work in favor for her, if she could somehow bend the now public opinion about them toward the positive. People now associate them with a lie and foolishness. She could come out stronger by publicly regretting the lie and proudly keeping them, than the alternative of becoming the looser and having them removed.

    Basically, I think the BME community should support her.

  14. The tattoo artist in the first place is an idiot for tattooing an 18 year olds FACE WTF. I don’t care if she begged and begged – he is a loser. LOL Awesome publicity for him for people who want a respectable tattoo artist, right lololol.

  15. Damo, that is how it brought in the news now, but the precise background and motivations of everyone involved are not at all clear. It’s in the hands of lawyers now, where it should be. Of course, it is wrong to lie about the tattooist action, but right now, everything gets highly magnified because of the publicity it is getting, and I think that the publicity is not really driven by her, but she is pulled into it. It’s over the top. I think it better now to stop al kinds of negative judgements to anyone. I made an effort to see it from a less negative perspective.
    Since the whole publicity is now clearly based on a lie by Kimberley (which I believe would be for self-defence), and since it seems that the tattooist did not do anything illegal, I doubt if he will be ruined by it. But that will depend a lot on how he plays it. If he plays it humble, he will win trust.

  16. Another tattoo artist offered her a job to come work for him. She’ll be giving advice to new clients about their first tattoo.

    Meanwhile Mr Toumanaintz has demanded public apologies from the girl and is considering a lawsuit.

  17. Shame on her for lying, but her behaviour is not completely surprising given the situation. I’m still not 100% behind a tattooist who would put something that large on the face of a completely unmodified, mainstream looking girl who was probably not used to receiving any unusual attention due to her appearance before this. Legal, yes, ethical, no way. He could have easily suggested only doing a few stars to see how she felt initially, before adding more. Three things could have come from that – 1 – she left and found another artist, avoiding this situation entirely (for him), 2 – she got a few done, and came back for more, or other tattoos, and probably referred her friends, or 3 – he never saw her again. All three scenarios leave him better off, and a good chance her too.

  18. It’s actually at the competitor (tattoo Mike) of the tattooer who made her stars in Kortrijk. Shocking at first sight, but I don’t know. The information comes from news agents, who quote each other. The first article only states that Tattoo Mike has offered her such a a job, the others claim that tattoo Mike says that she will start this friday. But there is no direct information from Kimberley herself.

    What makes tattoo Mike so eager to get this in the news so fast? Does he just try to get the attention?

    The news also says that Kimberley’s lawyer has asked her not to give any information until thursday…

    It is a reality soap!

  19. Yeah, you’re right, this is a publicity stunt from tattoo Mike. His new rival has been frontpage news in Belgium for an entire week, so now he’s just eager to get his name in the papers too. And it worked. He’s going to milk that cow for what she’s worth. I’m sure a lot of curious people will be stopping by at his tattoo shop to see the now world famous star girl.

    I don’t blame him for trying. I’m not dissing him, he’s a nice guy.

  20. Piercers shouldn’t really feel threatened by curious customers. I always ask to watch the piercer open the needle and other disposable equipment, even if I’ve been pierced there many times. I feel it’s a responsibility that all customers have. Not every danger is apparent, so it’s important that an individual watches for what IS visible – like glove changes, fresh needles, clean jewelry, et cetera.

    I would support the Facebook group, but I also feel that it might pressure some shops into joining the group. Or, it could drive away business from those that are clean but don’t find it necessary to involve Facebook.

  21. I saw a news clip of this and the stars on her face were al scabbed and looked pretty nasty.

    While it does suck that she lied about the whole thing – did the artist really have to tattoo her? He didn’t think that maybe it was a bad idea? I blame them both. Her for lying and the artist for not using some common sense.

  22. The girl got hired by an another Tattooshop in Kortrijk, because she has expreince and nows the dangers of tattoo.

    What a bullshit their whole family looks like trailer trash (the bad kind) to lazy to work and her uncle is probably her lover.

  23. Mike is giving her a job. So he said at http://www.itsmybody.be (dutch bodmodsite).

    He wants her to keep the shop clean, show his portfolio to people coming in, picking up the phone, tell people where they can find the toilet (lol), etc. Apparently she’ll also travel with him or some other artist to tattoo conventions.

    He said, and I quote: “You can either be part of the problem or part of the solution, me and some other tattoo artists (who apparently want to help her too) chose the second.”

    Getting a bit philosophical, isn ‘t he ? :’)

  24. the tattoo artist, Rouslan Toumaniantz should now sue the ass of that bitch … all that bad press for him this week.

    Everyone is gonna remember that was that “dude” that tattooed that “poor” girls face … and not remember that the stupid ( yes she`s stupid when she ask for 56 star-tattoos in the face as first time been tattooed ) bitch ask for those tattoo stars in the first place.

    I don`t feel sorry for the girl at all. And I will not feel sorry for the girl if she`s gotta pay the tattoo-artist 10 000 USD or something either.

  25. Why, dutchweirdo, whe should support that fucked up bloody asshole of a bitch? For ruining another ones reputation? Yes sad, tha father say’s yes no yes no, because is is a drunken alcoholic bastared half time not clear in mind (either after drinking too less or after drinking too much), or for her uncle, who went to the shop, bullying around and destroyong a lot?
    The whole family, worse than anything on TV, is mental, they schould be sent into the closed psychiatry, they are dangerous for others.

    And clearly: many people read the tattoo story from hell…. muich less of them read the outcome now…

  26. And PS.: With her nice little Münchhausen-like story, she did pretty devastating damage to the whole ecene, showind tattoos (and automatically every other bodymod) in the worst possible light. All freaky conservative idioty are really happy about that… It’s like an 11-meter without goalie.

  27. No comment on the dumb twat, but i like how deadite_666 knew that Francios Sagat has hair tattooed!

    Yes, i love the idea of tattooed hair!

  28. Stormchaser: yes I understand the anger of everyone about what she did. Indeed, her actions were not too smart, and she should be blamed for that.

    On the other hand, I don’t think she did this all with the purpose to damage the artist, but rather as a bit childish self defence action. I think the artist is really to blame: he should have way more careful; it hardly makes any difference for tattoo acceptance by the public that he hides behind the legal age and spoken consent of the girl. He professionally should have known the possible consequences of making a large facial tattoo as a first tattoo experience on an 18-year old. In this way he has put the tattoo world in a negative light: it kind of prooves that having a tattooer around in your town gives a real risk for the future of your adolescent child. I’m sure that there dozens of potential Kimberleys around, that could end up with the problem of a tattooed face as a first experience, even if the tattooer would from now on always request a written consent. He should feel more responsibility for the consequences of such first tattoo on a young adult than only installing a legal self-defense by a written consent.

    What I actually worry about is the mental state of Kimberley herself, getting so much negative attention and “funny”jokes on the facial tattoo that she’ll have to wear at least for long could be devastating for an already labile girl. I think that is too much punishment.

    What I mean with support from BME is not too say that she is right, but rather to support her towards something better.

  29. Eventhough she admitted that she lied and even got a job about of it, she filed a new lawsuit against the tattoo artist and not the other way around. Now she is without a bout trying to ruin this man’s reputation.

    After this any sympathy I might have had for her is gone. Screw her, keep te jokes coming.

  30. Well, it will depend on the outcome of the lawsuit. She and her lawyer seem to be confident enough about their right. But if she fails it’s an action of self destruction, but if she wins there must be some good reasons for that.

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  32. She’s admitted she lied, but she’s still taking the artist to court? What on earth for?

  33. The current update seems to be that she has put a claim that an expert should look at the quality of the tattoo, hoping that the court will make the tattooer pay for the removal. As it seems now no claim, no word, about whether the tattoo should have been made or not, only about the quality. I have strong doubts if she has an issue here, the still healing tattoo looks more or less standard quality to me. I think she has no point. and leaves me disappointed about her actions.

    The tattooer now goes in court against her (claiming loss of reputation). He certainly has a point, even though I still think he should have been wiser and should have taken teh professional responsibility not to put such a tattoo as her first at her age.

    What a bullshit altogether.

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  35. Dutchweirdo: I see what you’re saying, and I don’t think the girl had the INTENTION of damaging the reputation of the artist or anything, just seems like something she didn’t really think through. However, I don’t think it’s the artist’s fault – it was foolish of him not to have her written consent, but it’s not his job to “restrict” her tattoo by saying she can only have a few. She’s 18, an adult, and can make her own choices and it’s up to her to decide if they’re good or not.

    Since this whole thing has blown up in her face (no pun intended), and she probably didn’t think about what her life would really be like with facial tattoos (people aren’t always that accepting…she obviously didn’t even think about her family freaking out when she got home), she might really regret them and want them removed. I think that would be better than to stubbornly keep them if she doesn’t like the way her life is with them. Plus, if she keeps them, everyone will remember her as that lying star faced girl – at this point, removing them would probably be her best bet to “recover” from this fiasco.

    I don’t feel sorry for her even though I’m sure she’s been under lots of stress from having the tattoo, her family and friends freaking out, lying, etc., but as far as I’m concerned she brought it all upon herself by making one bad decision after another by not thinking things through, and I’m sure this isn’t the first time.

  36. BB, OK I basically agree regarding the girl’s options. But I still think that the tattooer should take or feel some responsibilities that go beyond the legal age.

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