Stripped to the Bone

“Jordan,” the commenters ask, “you know how we enjoy the backpieces, the majestic suspension pictures and the breathtaking scarification work, but where are all the wangs?” Well, ask and you shall receive, gentle commentariat. Here we have Alex, he of Brussels, Belgium, sporting two 6 mm. rod and bead implants apiece, to say nothing of the all-seeing eye at the head of the class there. The implants almost remind me of simple runes, but the eye? The eye knows you’re afraid.

(Implants by Indy at Ritual Body Piercing in Brussels, Belgium.)

14 thoughts on “Stripped to the Bone

  1. “Its like ball, dick, ball. Its like a three thing”
    “Yeah, like a division symbol. You definitely need to upgrade.”

  2. do i see two bead implants and two bar implants? either way, someone is in for the ride of their life.

  3. Quite the nice package there haha. I kinda just want to touch it…

    And why is it that the tag “Dongblog” just makes me laugh till I’m pink?

  4. i saw the eye and thought 1 eyed monster meets the fireman? cuz now the 1 eyed monster has a mouth he can spit out of…. or maybe i just way too many thots running threw my head at once

  5. I really love this tattoo, and the implants. I often think peen implants look like some horrible disease, but these are aesthetically pleasing.

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